Sunday, February 17, 2019

Snug Little Bugs

Hello Everyone,
First of all I want to thank all of you for the advise and well wishes about my sciatica.  I'm doing so much better.  I finally felt well enough to make some Cute as a Button blocks.

I moved my sewing machine out on the dining room table for a couple of reasons.  I love the view I have of the snow!  I'm closer to the fire, and I can see/hear TV......and Mr. Joe. I need to take another picture of my sewing area today as there are several more inches of snow added to this scene.

UPDATE 7:00am

My design wall is starting for fill, but I'm going to need a lot more blocks for a queen-sized Cute as a Button.  I'm addicted to making the blocks.  I make five Courthouse Steps blocks at a time.  The nine-patch blocks take me a little longer to make.

This is the view out my sliding glass door of our bedroom.  You are looking at the top of a 2' ruler.

There are 23" of snow out there as of yesterday morning.  It is supposed to snow all day to add to this total.

UPDATE 8:00am  28"   Longer ruler!

We have been reduced to using shovels since the snow blower said that it's finished working!  We go out three times a day to clear the driveway and the berm created by the snowplows.  If we stay ahead of it, I can push a shovel around, I just can't throw the snow over the berm.  The berm is higher now as this picture is two days old.

This is a shot from our front porch looking up to the back of the garage.  Poor Mazey is having a tough time getting through the snow to take care of business.

We are constantly clearing the path which is so slippery.....even with salt sprinkled on it.  Our big bag of salt is almost empty.

I hope this isn't too much snow for the roof to handle.  This picture shows that I really do live in a log cabin in the woods.

Do you want to pull up a chair and eat around the patio table? We can put the umbrella up.

I actually have plants in pots in the two lumps on the patio.

You should see me trying to get dressed to go outside and push a shovel around.  I feel like the Pillsbury Dough Boy and the Michelin Man combined.  I wear traction devices on my boots.  The other day, I put the boots on before I put on the traction devices.....wrong.  I had to take the boots back off, hold the boot upside down between my knees, and then put on the traction device.  Well, I pulled it too hard, and the device shot across the room and almost hit the TV. I learned my lesson.  Once the devices go on the boot, they stay there.

We are cozy, and have plenty of food and wine. We are a bit concerned that we will run out of propane.  The trucks have not been able to get through and fill the tank.  We can always cook on top of the wood burning stove or the barbeque.  I wonder how a bowl of oatmeal would taste?  Wait a minute, first we have to dig out the barbeque!

I just peaked outside and it is still snowing at 6am.  We keep commenting on how pretty it looks.  I was supposed to leave for the Bay Area today for classes on Monday and Tuesday in Livermore.  I'm not going to make it out today.  Maybe, just maybe I can head out tomorrow.  I have to leave by Wednesday for sure and get to Morgan Hill for a workshop and lecture on Thursday.  I have to pack up all the quilts, and patterns, and haul them up to the car.  This is NOT trivial.  I think I may just go back into hibernation.




  1. Oh my gosh so much snow and to not have the blower working and trying to keep the driveway and path clear - having lived in the north at one time I know how much work that is. I'm glad it sounds like you are taking it slow and in breaks for both of you. Your home looks just beautiful and I love your sewing view in the living room. Hope the snow stops soon!! I love the quilt in progress that you show - gorgeous!

  2. It is just beautiful there. I live in Arkansas and we have had no snow at all. Love all your blocks. How do you make them so perfect. As hard as I try my blocks are always a little wonky

  3. Love your updates. We have a vacation home in Avery which is usually below the snow levels but I’m sure it is covered in snow. Was planning to go up for the weekend but Put it off for another day. Love your Cute as a Button blocks!

  4. Oh's so beautiful there but I know from experience what it's like to live in the snow without a snowblower and power!!!! So glad that your sciatica is better (sound of two hands clapping!) Please take great, great care re coming down from the mountain over the next days!!!!

  5. Yes the snow is pretty, but it sure makes me so glad I live in Florida :-)

  6. Pretty but dangerous. Take care. I think you might change your Winter commitments in the future now that you have one under your belt.

  7. That is an impressive snowfall...I think your BBQ grill looks very similar to would be a chore to dig it out right about now...Best to be cautious and be kind to yourself too. Love watching your pieced blocks stack up...I hope when I start mine, they look half as good. Yours are so beautifully done!

  8. Now this is the type of weather that one needs to be 100% retired! I wonder if a new snow blower is on the list?
    Is this your first winter at the cabin full time? Take care of that back! Hugs

  9. What a beautiful place to long as you can stay inside! Glad you're feeling better, love your quilt!

  10. It is gorgeous, but I know how much work it is to clear it! You are making wonderful progress on your queen sized Cute as Button. Just keep thinking that when it is finished you will have a lot less snow! Take it easy with that shoveling!!

  11. I am absolutely loving your quilt in progress! We are at around 1540 feet above sea level here in NE central Oregon and got more snow this weekend, but not near what you have. Hope you have a generator just in case!

  12. I am super jealous and would take that snow in a heartbeat...provided my family was all snug at home with me. Hope you're able to get out soon! Love seeing the blocks--have several projects to get out of the way first (wait, that doesn't seem like the right attitude?!) but then I hope to start on something similar.