Thursday, February 14, 2019

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello Everyone,
When I was looking for pictures for Valentine's Day, I found one of my UFO's, Vintage Valentine by Verna Mosquera.

This really is gorgeous, and I really need to finish it......but not this week.

I have been keeping a very low profile since the Folsom quilt show.  I have been suffering from sciatica.  This pain is far worse than natural childbirth.  It was bad during the show, but then got worse after the show.  Now, I'm down for the count.

The doctor's office sent me a link to a back exercise video.  The videos were great......the issue is getting down on the floor and back up again.  Once I get down there, I may never be vertical again.

I get some relief from the shooting pain down my leg from thigh to ankle when I get in the bathtub.  But, and this is a big BUT, I'm so afraid of getting in and out of the tub.  I don't want our cute, and young first responders to have to get a hoist to get me out of the tub!  How embarrassing would that be.

The good news is I don't have to shovel snow and more is on the way.  I didn't have to stack wood when the cord of almond arrived.  Mr. Joe is doing all the cooking and cleaning.  I've been taking my pills and snoozing a lot.  I made a few Cute as a Button blocks yesterday.....slowly.....very slowly.  About all I do is fill my Etsy orders, and answer a few emails everyday.

My very kind doctor gently reminded me that my body is not as young as my brain thinks it is.  I translated that into no snow shoveling.  Insert sad face on Mr. Joe.

Today is going to be a better day. 




  1. No snow shoveling is always good news! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. So sorry to hear of your troubles! I hope you heal quickly. Hugs to you and your champion! Happy Valentine's Day to you, Joe and sweet Mazey :-)

  3. How awful to be dealing with sciatica. :( I hope it subsides soon. Happy Valentines back at you - I have the same UFO in the black background! I also have the From the Heart project going, though, so I'm focused on finishing that set first. Slow going, as I'd chosen hand needle turn work for it.

  4. I do the exercises on my bed.I can't do them on the floor either.

  5. Sorry to hear you are having sciatica. Icing my lower back for about 20 minutes every hour helps mine. Get better soon Lynn, but not too soon as you might have to shovel snow! lol Hugs and Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. I feel for you, I had sciatica for a time when I was pregnant, 24 years ago but I still remember.

  7. Oh Lynn this is awful news. Back pain is no fun. Do your exercises to get well. Then continue to do them periodically to keep all well.

  8. Sorry to hear you are in such pain. Hopefully things will be better soon, not so soon that you have to shovel snow.

  9. Heat and cold packs. After 4 back surgeries I will only vacuum and mop. No lifting over 10 pounds.
    Sciatica pain is the worst. Listen to the Doctor and get a snow blower! Take care Lynn. Hugs

  10. I have sciatica, though i think it must be mild compared to what you are suffering. I'll share this anyway, because if you can get back to mild, this may keep it away entirely! By accident, I started doing yoga, and after doing the hip turn out and flexibility exercises in the first two sessions (online and free) my sciatica disappeared completely. Now if I feel a twinge, I return to the first video and it's gone. I don't know if this is just me, or it will work for anyone, but I was amazed!