Friday, October 30, 2015

Sew'n Wild Oats Retreat Day Four

Hello Everyone,
Some final pictures from the retreat.  I have enough photos of quilts to post for another week!  My girls are so creative and so prolific.  Here is a picture of our pillow party. Every pillow was customized by the girls.

I love this group photo while we gathered around the pool.  These 35 women could put on their own quilt show.....and you will get to see there show next week on the blog.

Table mates and long-time friends Barbara and Melody.  The space for the retreat has excellent lighting and we had lots of room to spread our things out.

Paula always wears a shirt that is a perfect for a photo opportunity!

After brunch, some of us headed out for a last stroll around the lake. 

Our time together was magical.  I LOVE spending time with my girls.  I LOVE to hear and watch them interact.  I LOVE to hear them laugh.  I LOVE to hear them be supportive of one another.  I LOVE to see them exchange emails and set up future lunch and quilting dates.  I can't say enough good things about the last few days.  Thank you all for being you. Your friendship has added so much to my life.



  1. Many, many thanks to YOU,Lynn.
    You are truly the hub of this special wheel :)

  2. What a gorgeous last day of the retreat, and I don't mean the sunshine! Mercy - everything accomplished during four days just blows me away! What a great group of ladies, and having been in your class, Paula said it all!

  3. What a Amazing retreat ! So much accomplished in just 4 days. So fun to see what everyone was working on.

  4. Hi Lynn. I was at a recent class of yours in Livermore. I would love to get some additional information about your Retreat(s). Thanks

  5. Those pillow kits were a great idea - that will be a fabulous reminder of all the fun that each gal had this week. So beautifully done, too!

  6. It appears to have been a wonderful time had by all. Thank you so much for sharing your time at the retreat and all the lovely project photos. What inspiration!