Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Toasty Tummy

Hello Everyone,
Here's the latest project that I've been working on.  This little guy is going to become a pillow since he's my prototype.  He's going to be part of my "Toasty Tummy" little family of snowmen.  Mr. Joe thought I should name him Tummy Tucker.  What do you think? 

You will probably think I'm loony tunes when I tell you that I dream in quilts.  This is one of those dreams.  So when I'm sleeping, I'm still creating.

I'm still winding down from the retreat.  Accounting done....check.  Everything put away.....check.  Loose ends tied.....check.  Naps taken......double check!

Now I'm preparing for my booth that I'm going to have at the Annie's Star Quilt Show this weekend in Chico, California. Chico is my old stomping grounds and where I went to college.  So this is old home week for me.  I'm meeting up with someone that I've know since Kindergarten!  I haven't seen Cory since we graduated from high school......ummmm many, many decades ago.

Last weekend was full of fun for us watching the grandkid's soccer games, basketball games, football cheer leading, and now today we get to watch our granddaughter play her first basketball game.  This is very exciting for us, and for Emily who was born visually impaired.  She has been practicing for weeks to make the 7th grade team.....and she was selected for the team last week.  She's a trooper, she's tall, she can block, she can see the rim, and is pretty darn accurate when she shoots.  Most importantly, she has heart.

Be determined today to work on a project, do something new, challenge yourself......have heart.




  1. TuMmY TuCKeR is very huggable! Hugs to Emily too! That girl is going to do great things! We lived and breathed basketball for several years in our house.

  2. I love your snowman!! I'm guessing that each snowman is going to have a different tummy? And I have to put away all my fabrics from last weeks retreat! :-) And sew lots more on a certain red quilt, and go through the mail!! Have a great week!! Hugs, H

  3. Love, love, LOVE your snowman!!! Can't wait to see the completed project. Looks like another winner pattern!

  4. Oh my gosh!!! I can't wait for you to finish your Toasty Tummy dreams! (No, you're not insane, nor alone in dreaming quilts!) Super fun things happening here with this design.

  5. Looking forward to this weekend in Chico :0) Bring Tummy Tucker, we would love to meet him! Quilting dreams good and grands with heart, even better!

  6. Tummy Tucker, Toasty Tummy - he is absolutely adorable!!! You have the best dreams, Lynn!