Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Messy Christmas Tradition

Hello Everyone,
It's the same every year.  We have to drag EVERYTHING out of the closet under the stairs, unpack the boxes and start the 3-day decorating process.  Our downstairs is full of little trails.  Mazey loves it and thinks she has her own personal agility course.  Our daughter came over to drop Emily off, and she said it looked like Christmas threw up in our house!
Emily's favorite part of decorating is setting up the Christmas houses.  But before she could begin, she had to move my cookbook collection out of the pie safe from the kitchen to the spare room.  (I heard her muttering about Grammy's obsession with cookbooks.)  Mazey was a huge help in the entire process.....NOT!  


A couple of hours later, Emily is putting some of the finishing touches on the Christmas scene.

Flashback to 2009 when Emily was only 7.  She had to stand on a step ladder to decorate.  

In 2010, she still needed a ladder.

Emily's twin sister Kinsey decided to break tradition and go shopping with her Mom and friends this year.   The girls are growing up so fast and I know they are going to have other interests.  For now, I will treasure every precious moment I have with both of them.



  1. What beautiful memories, Lynn.
    Even the boxes and Mazey trails.....!

  2. Just think in a few more years she will be looking through those cookbooks to find recipes to add to her own holidays traditions. She does a fantastic job on your village each year. Have a Merry Christmas

  3. Beverly took the words right out of my mouth! Now, could Emily please come over to my house and help put up our Christmas Village?

  4. Great job, Emily! I wish Grammy would loan you out to help Auntie Gail with her Christmas village!

  5. I love this Lynn. You have created traditions that will last her a lifetime. Now if we could just train Mazey to bring the decor to you and Emily. Well - maybe not such a good idea. They may disappear from one spot to the other. Enjoying your blogs so much!!!

  6. I love the houses and village settings (my Mom has a huge one and no longers puts it up). My decors fit in one tote as I don't do much.

  7. Love your daughter's comment!! Looks like she has your sense of humor!! :-)
    And how wonderful that Emily is still loving decorating at Grandma's house: so precious!! Good luck with all the other decorating! We're not even close: nobody likes doing it any more, and with 2 sick daughters, I'm not looking forward to doing it myself!! Have a wonderful week!! Hugs, H

  8. Hi, this would be so much easier than having to drag the boxes from the high cupboards where I have them. They stayed put last Christmas because none of us were home for Christmas being in Sydney for my son Darren's last Christmas. We need some happiness this year so I'm hoping to wrangle someone in to help, preferably with muscles. I ask myself every year do I need this much. Enjoy, best wishes Wendy

  9. I used to cart huge boxes from the rafters in the garage through the snow and ice into the house and try my best to ignore my two "boys" (almost 200 lbs of pure muscle each) just watching me struggle. A few years back I bought a two foot tree with lights already on it, and hung a couple things I had made and called it Christmas. If moms happy everyone is! Have fun Lynn!

  10. It's usually me who tells the kids that Christmas threw up all over my to beat those kids to the punch!