Monday, November 16, 2015

Patchwork Math Class was in Session

Hello Everyone,
I had a fun day at Cloth and Quilts in Turlock last Saturday.  This is a fairly new area for me to teach, and I had the privilege of meeting a whole new group of wonderful quilters.  Quilters really are the best!


The classroom is very large and there were 20 quilters hanging on every word I said.  During the class, we had fun going on fieldtrips in the shop to look for the perfect fabric.  This shop has some of the best color walls, and they offer a great selection of fabrics, notions, books and patterns.

I began the day by slipping off of my chair.  How embarrassing!  I dropped a ruler and leaned over to pick it up and the chair slipped right out from under my bottom.  As I peered over my table, from the floor, at the full classroom of worried quilters. I said, "Now for my next trick!"  No worries, I had plenty of padding to cushion my slow motion slip.

I didn't take nearly enough pictures of the wonderful work completed in the class.

Isn't this fabric fun!

The room was full of wonderful fabric collections.  I must have a long talk with my photographer and remind her to take more pictures of the piles and I do mean piles of fabric!

The center of this block would be great in a Lucy Boston block! 

I presented five different components and formulas during the class.  Don't ask me why I didn't get pictures of some of the sweet little double flying geese that were flying around the room.

 Playtime on the design wall.

Here are the wonderful little Y-squares arranged to make a border or sashing.

I left Livermore early to arrive in class with plenty of time to set up my projector, document camera, and all of my supplies.  What I didn't plan on was the early morning fog the blanketed the farmland between Patterson and Turlock.  I could see about 5 dotted yellow lines in front of me.....and this was in the daylight.  I was fortunate to get behind a large 18-wheeler and stuck to him like glue.  I kept noticing mud flying off the sides of the truck and wondered where he had been driving.  Then I noticed water dripping off of both sides of the truck.  Then I saw a large snout stick out from the side of the truck.  Well folks, that wasn't mud falling off the truck if you catch my drift!  If I stayed any closer to that truck, I really was going to stick to him like glue! 

The girls were great and so welcoming to me.  I knew a couple of them from the Lucy Boston class earlier in the week.  Thank you for the wonderful day and I'm looking forward to another visit to Cloth and Quilts soon. 



  1. Your class sure inspires the best creativity, Lynn! I wonder if perhaps some of the "mud" might have made it to your chair, which caused you to fall off! You'd know if you saw a lot of sniffing noses in class - LOL! Seriously, I can't tell you how many times I've stuck to the back of an 18-wheeler just to get where I was going!

  2. I have had the same chair incident as well. By myself fortunately but for some reason still embarrassing. I feel for you and hope your ok. I think a fabric purchase (or two) is just the right medicine!

  3. What fun and beautiful blocks came out of your class, Lynn!! And what a great classroom!!!
    I saw an anesthesiologist slip off a rolling stool in the operating room once - and he was connected to the patient by his stethoscope that was secured to the patient's chest on the bell end and the ear buds in his ears at the other. He didn't have the where-with all that you did and couldn't speak a word!! Glad you didn't hurt yourself...

  4. Oh Lynn- first of all I had to laugh at all the days adventures. I AM glad you were not hurt. Welcome to my world during the foggy season. Following a truck pelting you with a "mysterious " substance is sometimes the only way to deal with the fog. Thank goodness you had a guide. The fabric and patches the girls came up with are beautiful. Very talented ladies. You are such a good teacher. Thanks for sharing. And Paula- Omg!!!!