Friday, November 4, 2016

For The Love of Baskets Class was in Session

Hello Everyone,
It has been a busy week under the oaks at Sew'n Wild Oaks.  I taught For the Love of Baskets in Turlock at Cloth and Quilts on Tuesday and I'm just now getting around to posting pictures of the blocks the girls made in class.  This was a very precise group of quilters!  The blocks measure 4-1/2" at this point.


I loved the way Diane approached the project.  The largest piece of fabric you need for this quilt is 4".  So she cut 4" strips from her stash.....that I was drooling over....and paired them up in sets for baskets.

Winona stopped by to show me her Heritage quilt all quilted and ready for binding.  She has two "oopsie" blocks turned incorrectly.  Time to applique a couple of new blocks in place, or a few log cabin strips and it will be all fixed.

Thank you all for your input on naming this new design.  Julie Kaye from Kansas hit the nail on the head with her name of Spoken For.  I liked this name for so many reasons.  The fabric is Elizabeth's Dowry for one, so it has ties to marriage.  Also, the blocks look like spokes on a wheel.  I will put a little something together for you Julie and send it your way.

The blocks are just stuck up on my design wall in random order.  I finished preparing the pieces on the upper right hand block yesterday.  I haven't put on the flange yet and it looks so different.

This is what is up on my entire design wall.  Do you think I need to have a few more projects going on?

Since we've been in the house for days while I'm quilting, we decided we needed some fresh air and sunshine so we went for a walk at a park just 3 miles from our house.  Sycamore Groves borders Wente vineyards and it was beautiful yesterday.

 Some of the vines are starting to turn color and we enjoyed the views.

Mazey enjoyed the walk too.  She also thinks that she is one of our granddaughter's pigs while she enjoyed the puddles from the recent rain.

We haven't been to this park in a few months and we were greeted with this sign.  We've been walking in this area since 1975.  We've seen range cattle, deer, rattle snakes, squirrels, red-tailed hawks, buzzards, and countless other critters.

Yesterday, we think we saw our first mountain lion.  We were quite a long ways away.  I didn't have my glasses on, and this "cat" looked big and was on the prowl.  We hitched Mazey up and headed back to the parking lot.  Mr. Joe ambles along, he's never in a hurry, EVER.  Yesterday he still ambled while I continued to check over my shoulder every so often. Whatever it was, we felt lucky to see it in the wild. 

When I go walking at the cabin I see bears.  When I go walking at home I see large cats.  I guess either Mazey or I have animal magnetism!  Must be Mazey.  Maybe we should just move to the coast.......NOT, then I'd see sharks.

Tomorrow I'm teaching Scrappy Leaves designed by Ilene Bartos at In Between Stitches.  As of last week, I still have a couple of openings in the class.  I love this quilt and it is a fun one to make.  It is also much easier to make than it looks. 

Here's to enjoying nature today and always.



  1. Perfect name choice on every level!!! I love the basket blocks and the fabric organization tip. Have fun at class tomorrow and stay away from those large cats!!

  2. I enjoyed seeing all of the lovely quilting eye candy here but I did get a laugh at Mazey in that puddle! :)

  3. Aww...I'm so glad you picked Spoken touched my heart when I saw Julie Kaye's submission too. One of the sweetest phrases..."she's Spoken For" I'm feeling all romantical!

  4. Wow - the wilds of Livermore! Who would have thought?! Mr. Joe must have been wearing Eau de Scare Away Mtn. Lion if he was still ambling! Looks like lots of fun in Turlock, too!

  5. Love the baskets - a basket is on my list for 2017. It looks like the Heritage quilt is already qulted - I have made boo boo's like that, but luckily I caught them before I quilt the quilt.

    Watch out for those big kitty cats and bears!

  6. yow!! You'd better start carrying bear spray on any of your walks!! That does look like it might not be your typical friendly "kitty"! And Mazey: what a clown in that puddle!! And your design wall looks just like mine would (if I had one!) Stay safe!!! Hugs, H