Friday, April 15, 2011

What I love about quilting

Hello Everyone,

I love to start with a box of box of paints, that I selected carefully with something in mind.  Either a flower, leaf, house, flange, or simply a background for an applique block.  There will always be checks, stripes, and plaids in my paint box!

The colors have to play well together once they are sorted and grouped.

First one flower is born.....
.....then another.  Stripes are selected to be a flange to set all of the blocks 'off'.

Before you know it, I have a whole row of flowers and leaves.  All different.....all special.....all precious.

Then come the smaller flowers gently draped across the front of a house.  A beautiful block is coming to life before my eyes......and I love it.  This is what I love about quilting!

As always,



  1. Oh my, beautiful. I love seeing how you use plaids. I'm going to have to try using some..I've never in 25+ years quilting used them. You gave me some incentive to try. Hugs

  2. Oh I can see beautiful block being born! Gorgeous fabric! I recognize a few. :-)

  3. Looking fabulous! I love your use of color. I feel that is my weakness but I do try. I just copy what I like and try to learn from others.

  4. I think of my fabrics as my paint palette too. So many options of ways to put things together. Your flowers are so beautiful! I still haven't tried making any. I think I need to sit with you for an hour and practice!

  5. Looks like another beautiful quilt in the works.
    Your color palette is great. Happy sewing!

  6. HI Lynn, your "making of the flower" presentation made me feel like I was right there in a class with you! We had another dump of snow in the past couple of days and you make it feel more like our spring is just around the corner, Sue in north central Alberta.

  7. Oh my - I love the color palette, Lynn! I sense the birth of another gorgeous creation from you!

  8. Beautiful...I can hardly wait to see the finish.

  9. An open and flowing creative process. I have been following others' patterns for awhile, which is a great way to learn, but one of my first quilts was free form - it just came to life as your flowers have done. Thank you again for generously showing us your creative process.