Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Quilting Fire Hydrant

Hello Everyone,
My head came out of the quilty clouds when the plane landed and I returned back to earth Friday.  As someone said, Quilt Market is like drinking from a fire hydrant.  I am filled to the brim with inspiration, gratitude, and a bit of relief now that my Schoolhouse session is over and was successful.
This gorgeous display was in front of the RJR booth.  It was created by wrapping all of their new fabrics around different sized books. So clever and eye-catching.

My Butterscotch Baskets quilt was finally on display in the RJR booth after being showcased in two seminars.

Now the exciting news........drum roll......beginning in November you can make a Butterscotch Baskets identical to my version through Stitchin' Heaven.  Click HERE for details.  I thought it might be offered since the owner of Stitchin' Heaven wanted it for her 2-hour seminar on Blocks of the Month.  I didn't find out for sure until I opened my email Friday morning and saw it on their website.
After seeing so many, MANY gorgeous quilts at Market, I feel truly blessed that one of my quilts was selected by their shop.  I guess all of the hours spent at the sewing machine and in front of the computer writing the BOM pattern are starting to pay off.
Gail and I had only a few hours to go through the entire exhibit.....because I had to get home so I could attend my grandson's Little League playoff games on Saturday.  I have my priorities.  Family first.  I won't tell you the outcome, I'll just say that the season is now over for them.  Both little boys personally had great games, but it takes a team to advance to the next round.
Back to Market.  The Moda area was so attractive.  So much eye candy wherever you looked.

Here I am with Jo Morton.  Gail was over the moon excited to meet Jo.  Such a sweet lady.

Her new line will be coming out soon.  I LOVED it!! 

We walked around the corner and there's Alma Allen from Blackbird Designs.  Another gracious designer who spent a lot of time talking with us.  I bought their new book called The Raven. What a fun and whimsical quilt to make for Autumn.

The line of fabric is gorgeous!

Gail and I started our morning having breakfast with the VP of Sales, Pati, from Marcus Fabrics.  Pati is my contact at Marcus, and she is the person who sends me the most gorgeous fabrics that I use to design.  What a fun way to start the day.
Of course we went back to the Marcus booth to see some of the new quilts in their display area. This beauty is the Mill Girls pattern made with Christmas fabrics.  Another winner by Nancy Rink.

I couldn't get enough of seeing my quilt on display.  The Marcus displays were over the top attractive.

The quilt on the right is Bird Walk by my buddy Lisa Norton.  It is so beautifully displayed!


 This is my new BFF, Pam Buda.  What a doll! 

Since we had "exhibitor" written on our badges, we were able to get inside the LARGE exhibit area prior to opening and before it got crowded.  Every day we were each getting over 10,000 steps on our Fitbits!

More pictures tomorrow from the Quilt Market fire hydrant of eye candy.  Today I'm going to put away those pesky Eastern decorations that are still hanging around in my living room.  I'm going to clean my sewing room and start creating!



  1. So excited to see you on Tuesday and hear all of your stories!! Congratulations on everything!!!

  2. I second Paula....can't wait to hear more on Tuesday! Sounds like you and Gail had a fantastic time at Quilt Market!

  3. I am very happy for you. Butterscotch Baskets and Heritage were absolutely beautiful in all the pictures I saw of Quilt Market. Butterscotch Baskets and I have a coming soon date!

  4. You rubbed elbows with some very special people (most of my favs, too) - Congratulations, your hard work has most certainly paid off.

  5. Congratulations on your BOM! So much fun to see your pics and hear all your stories! Your quilts looked so gorgeous!

  6. I am sew happy for you...well deserved.

  7. Wow!ch beautiful pictures. Looking forward to seeing more!

  8. I was taking a short break from working on projects at our daughters house, when I read this post last night! It was all I could do, not to drop everything and call you that very minute! I'm so happy for you, for the experiences you have been able to enjoy. How your heart must have swelled, seeing your creations in that setting. Living vicariously through you, we are! Loving Jo Morton's new line! I had seen a tiny thumbnail of The Raven earlier, which set me off on an internet search! I'm so tickled that you picked it up...for me...right??? You know my motto, "One Can Never Have Too Many Pumpkins"! And finally, the only reason I haven't signed up for Pam Buda's wonderful patriotic BOM, is because I can't decide which center panel version I like the best!
    Ahhh...just so darn thrilled for you!

  9. You had a magical trip for sure, Lynn! I'm so happy to see that both quilts got the attention they deserve! It's wonderful that you were able to return for the the baseball games! I'm sure the grandkids were thrilled to have Grammy in the stands cheering them on!