Thursday, August 29, 2013

Great Moments in Life

Hello Everyone,
I have absolutely no quilting to display, but I have a great story to tell.  Here is a picture of our granddaughters, Kinsey and Emily in their costumes for the Cinderella play.
Now my story begins.
Back in February, Kinsey told us that Cinderella was going to be the play this summer, and she wanted to be Cinderella more than anything in the world.  The girls after school program has some very talented women who coordinate a wonderful program for the children which includes an elaborate production every summer.  Each year the girls have been in the summer play, and each year they have a larger role and have to memorize more and more lines.

While the girls were at our house in February telling us about Cinderella, I told them I had a prom dress in the cedar chest that my mother made in 1938 for her high school prom.....and would they like to try it on for size. (The dress was right next to my dad's Navy uniform from WWII.)  Except for the hem, it fit Kinsey perfectly. My mother had a 23" waist when she was 18 years old and so does Kinsey at age 10.  (I know you are thinking right about now that I'm a hoarder.  Why would anyone with a sane mind keep a dress made in 1938?) Well, I knew it would come in handy some day. 

Skipping ahead a few months, Kinsey got the role of Cinderella.  Emily said she wanted any role they would give her as long as it wasn't the evil step-mother or step-sister.  After all, they are real sisters!  Emily was delighted to be Gus, Gus the mouse and really hammed it up on stage!

Look at the detail on this little jacket.  The sleeves, the little hood, all made to perfection with my mothers tiny, almost invisible stitches.  While I was hemming the dress, I could see where my mom had to do some piecing in order to cut out the hood, facing, and part of the skirt.  I'm sure she was on a shoe-string budget and had to use whatever fabrics she had in their home in upstate New York in 1938.

My tears started to fall when Kinsey changed the lines in the play and said, "This dress was given to me by my great-grandmother and I want to wear it to the ball."  Well, the evil step sisters would have none of that and proceeded to dash her hopes.

The evil step mother had just told her in this picture that she couldn't go to the ball.....and Kinsey collapsed on the stage in sadness.

With a wave of a magic wand, Kinsey had a new ball gown and was in the carriage on her way to the ball.   I was stunned that this little kid who runs around in shorts and flip flops all summer took on the regal quality of Cinderella. Where did my Kinsey go?  Who was this young woman on the stage?

Here she is with the handsome prince busting into a few moves during the ball.

The kiss. They couldn't have been any farther apart!

The shoes fit and they lived happily ever after.

That's my story.....and the moral is.......never get rid of anything......especially a dress that is 75 years old!
P.S. Now I'm waiting for our little grandson to grow up and be in the play.  Maybe the school will do a production of South Pacific and he can wear my dad's Navy uniform! 


  1. What a sweet story, and such cute kids!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing the pictures!
    Kinsey's ad lib speaks volumes!!

  3. Precious, precious girls. Mom & Dad are clearly raising those beautiful girls to love and respect their family ties, as are Grandma & Grandpa. I have to admit I watered up a little. We get to have our little man for a couple of days this weekend...can't wait to wrap my arms around him.

  4. Oh my, the hankie came out over here, Lynn! What a wonderful story! The fact that you knew there would be another purposed for your mother's dress speaks volumes! Both girls are so adorable on stage (and off). Now, I hope Kinsey put the dress back in some acid free tissue so perhaps her daughter can wear it one day!

  5. So cute granddaughters. The story is wonderful.
    Greetings Grit

  6. Whata touching story and I think it is just wonderful you still had this beautiful dress that your granddaugther could wear in the play :-)

  7. I love this story. It will be a great one for them to tell their children.

  8. What a lovely story Lynn. Some things are precious enough for us to keep.

  9. What a beautiful story of two adorable girls with a whole lot of talent!Your mother's prom dress is magnificent, a testimony to the expert sewing skills you obviously inherited! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Wonderful story. Last time I was in my mother's attic I found her prom/homecoming queen dress from the 1950's. Not quite as old as yours but still very special.

  12. What a wonderful story Lynn and how great that she changed the words to reflect where the dress came from.