Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Queen Sitting on the Throne

Hello Everyone,

Here is Quilt Sue relaxing at Alden Lane Nursery the day after her long flight.  I let her take a brief break during my class.

We hit the ground running at 9am.  Quilters from all around the Bay Area and the Central Valley gathered in the fabulous classroom at Alden Lane Nursery for a day of quilting.  I've learned over the years that everyone learns and retains material in different ways.  This time I used a PowerPoint Presentation with many visuals that the class could refer to, in addition to their Patchwork Math book.

We also broke out in individual groups for hands-on directions.

We had lots of room with great lighting.


As promised, my class had lunch with Alex Anderson's class.  This is Alex, Sue and me during our lunch break. 

The nursery has fantastic oak trees.  Hundreds of quilts will be on display in the trees this Saturday and Sunday which is quite a sight to see.

We enjoyed our lunch on the patio right outside my classroom door.

Lunch was delicious!

After lunch it was time to get back to work and my girls worked hard all day long!  We worked our way through five of the components from the formulas to the piecing techniques.  They were so creative and arranged their quilting components in many, many different and beautiful variations.  The blocks are using many of the same components and they all look entirely different!

This component was an "oppsy" and we loved it! 

The girls were an absolute joy!  They far exceeded my expectations in what they could accomplish in one day.  They were fun, creative and they were absolutely delightful.  My sister Gail and Sue circulated throughout the class the whole day and they were a tremendous help to me.   We had a wonderful day spent with old friends and making many new friends.  Thank you all for being so special and making my job so easy.

Sue is teaching today.  She didn't heckle me once during my class, so I guess I'll will have to reciprocate today and behave myself. Both Gail, Joe and I feel like we've known Sue forever.  She's so much fun and we are making wonderful memories together.



  1. What a fun day! Thanks for sharing these great pictures :-)

  2. Thank you for all the inspirational pictures! Looks like so much fun.


  3. What a great photo of the 3 queens together! Looks like a grand time and thank you for sharing.

  4. Just returned from a couple of days fishing to find that you're having more fun than we did, Lynn ;>) A huge welcome to the Queen! She looks right at home in sunny California, too! What a gorgeous room to teach and sew in! I sure wish I was there!

  5. Welcome to Sue to the US. What a beautiful setting you have for your classes. That is a beautiful picture of the three of you together; nice keepsake.

  6. Rather than an oopsie, I like to call it a design alternative!

  7. What fun!! Can't wait to see pictures of the quilts in the trees.

  8. Looks like you guys are having a wonderful time....

  9. Wow, what a great venue for a quilt class. Hve fun with the weekend show.

  10. Looks like all is going well and the weather is fine. I'd love to do a class at a nursery as my garden is my second passion. Both of you take care and enjoy.

  11. The Queen looks quite relaxed and comfortable. Enjoy the Queen's visit and the weekend quilt show.

  12. Aww! The Queen & Miss America have met at last! Not sure whether to sing God Save The Queen or There She Is, Miss America first! I'm so glad you're together, in person at last & having a great time. I was driving up the road this morning daydreaming about seeing those gorgeous old undulating oaks with the quilts waving down upon us...Soon...

  13. Just as I imagined...Lovely Lynn and the Queen having an awesome time! Very impressed with all the blocks too...looks like you've taught the students well. Nice that Sue and Gail were able to help out too! Looking forward to seeing the quilts in the trees!

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  15. Great photos and what an awesome location - I'd be torn between the fabric and the plants!

    (BTW, you might like to ask Her Majesty what 'sitting on the throne' means in England .......)

  16. Thank you for sharing these great photos and your adventures in teaching at the show. Looks like everyone had a super great time. The quilts and the flowers go together so well, so bright, colorful, and cheery. Maybe I can make it there next year.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!