Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
The classroom was loaded with activity and creativity yesterday at In Between Stitches for my Sew'n Wild Oaks session.
Isabelle finished another beautiful block with great precision from the Country Corners project.  

Irene is making great progress on her Country Corners.  She's making the Courthouse Steps blocks to showcase her wonderful blocks.

Evelynne was bitten by the Lucy Boston bug yesterday and completed a beautiful center for her first block.  The possibilities are endless with the Lucy blocks.

Karen has just one more block to finish for her Nostalgic Christmas quilt. She will have a beautiful quilt on display in her home by the time Christmas rolls around again.  The bocks for this quilt are fun to make.  So much so, that I couldn't stop making them and have lots of Christmas pillows to show for it!

Several of the girls are working on Once Upon a Vine.  There were cute little piles of baskets spread across the tables.

Jeanne's baskets are finished.  She finished adding some embroidery to her grape leaves.

Gail is spinning circles with her pinwheels for Winterset. She doubled the size of the quilt and turned it into a bed quilt from the original wall hanging size.  It is going to be magnificent when she's finished.  The added benefit is she can now make pinwheels while she sleeps!

Here's my original Winterset so you can see why she needed to make so many pinwheels for her borders.

Wendy is learning to make some Ohio Star blocks to go around a cute panel.  She was very determined yesterday to get them done!

Marti brought in these wonderful little storage boxes to keep the little pieces of her baskets corralled.  What a great idea.

That was my day with "my girls."  What a treat for all of us.  A quilting class isn't just about quilting.  It's about making a connection with other quilters with a shared interest.  It is about lending support, sharing ideas, and being totally embraced in the quilting community.  Give yourself the gift of a quilting will be good for the soul.



  1. What a busy group of girls! And it looks like such fun! Love these projects!

  2. Beautiful work always :)

  3. It's all wonderfulness and inspiration...& I'm totally an underachiever! I'm still in seclusion resuscitating CC in the Quilt Life Support Dept & doing some remodeling on Housewarming!

  4. Woo-hoo! Another great day! Look at all that precision (I know you have something to do with this!) and beauty. I hope Gail doesn't make pinwheels in her sleep, or she'll be dizzy when she gets up!