Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Mini Quilt Show

 Hello Everyone,

I get a huge smile on my face when quilters send me pictures of what they've created from my patterns.  My friend Lynnette, sent me this picture of her gorgeous Grammy Squares quilt.

Lynette added her own special touches in each of the corners.  This also showcases the excellent quilting by Dianne Schweickert.

I love the little bird.

This is a picture of Lynnette with her award-winning bikini that she made and presented to me.  She said she was tired of making the blocks, and needed to do something fun, so she made me a Grammy Squares Bikini!  I love her sense of humor.  I also laughed at the fact that I would need about twenty of the blocks to go around me!  Mr. Joe visibly cringed when he thought about me wearing this.  It is going to stay on the dummy, and I don't mean me!

Yesterday, I received a question about a pattern order from Sherrie, the owner of  Painted Pony 'n Quilts in La Porte, TX.  She made Country Courthouse after she saw it in QuiltMania magazine.  The quilt is now on display in her shop, and I asked her if she could send me a picture.  Her quilt is gorgeous!

Both of the quilts that I'm showing you today are an excellent use of your scraps.  You can mix, match and throw just about everything in the mix.  I always tell my quilters not to stress when making a scrap quilt.  Use it all, and they work beautifully together. 

News on the BEAR front.  Another bear strolled by during breakfast the other day.  My sister and our friend Paula were here to see it. This bear was a little shy about having a picture taken, but let me tell you that it was big, it was golden, and it was in our yard.  Note to self:  Don't forget to take the airhorn when I go out for my walks. 

Now, news on the BOM front.  The blocks are almost all sew together and it is really starting to look like something.  I'll finish up the rows today, and start on the borders tomorrow.  Then I'll make the backing and get this quilt loaded on my longarm.  I've decided my least favorite part of quilting is stitching the rows together.  It takes me an eternity!   My second least favorite thing of quilting is loading the quilt on the longarm.  That takes me an eternity also.

Let's hum a few bars of....If you go down in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise.  Sorry for the earworm, but it's what I will be humming today.




  1. yes make sure to take your noise makers with you when walking - I guess I would be putting some music on my phone at high volume! lovely quilts I'm quilting another of your patterns on my hand quilting frame right now

  2. Lynette the quilt is fabulous. And I love the Court House Steps. Your fans are very productive Lynn. That bear is too close. Yes please take the air horn and maybe put a cow bell on Mazey.

    1. I do have a cowbell I could put on her. She would hate it!

  3. If I play music at a high volume, I won't be able to hear the bears sneaking up on me! I've been following your hand-quilting progress on Country Charmer. You consistently have me in amazement, Karen! I'll post a picture of your quilt when you are finished.....which will be in a are so fast!

  4. Your Grammy Squares is beautiful, Lynnette!!!Great applique!!! And Courthouse is a stunner, Sherrie!!!!!
    P.S. If you sing the ear-worm loud and often enough, Lynn, he might not come back!!! Just a thought ;D

    1. My singing is so off key, everyone and everything would run for their life!

  5. Both quilts are absolutely gorgeous and the applique is so fun.

  6. What? Not going to join Goldie with your Teddy bears adn a picnic?