Sunday, January 25, 2009

Miss Ginny Continued

Here we are on Month #3 border flowers already. Time goes just too quickly. When making these, don't forget that you need to make a reverse of each flower.

The yellow flower includes pieces A12-17.

The purple flower includes pieces A1-3 and B2. The purple flower on the side border has a longer stem, so make sure you trace the correct pieces.

There are so many beautiful fabric in the back storeroom just waiting to make their debut at the new location. I promise to incorporate some of these lovely fabrics in our quilt.

If you live locally, or just happen to be in Livermore, please stop by and introduce yourself. I'm at the store every Monday and I'd love to meet everyone that signed up for the block of the month.

Amy stopped by from Alamo and she had some excellent questions that I promised I would address in this blog. I only use silk thread in my applique projects. I love the way it "melts" into the fabric and doesn't show too many of my little bitty stitches. I just recently switched to Best Press for my starch. I love the softer feel of the end product.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comment area of the blog for all to see. Be patient with my response. Quite often I'm up at the cabin for a week at a time without an Internet connection or a computer....which I don't miss at all. We went without a television for years and I didn't miss that either!! For those of you with inquiring minds.....yes we do have indoor plumbing!!!

As always,



  1. Thanks so much Lynn. With all the Holiday sewing that has taken up most of my time, I just completed placing all the components for the first Block on the back ground. I'm slow but I am one that is doing lots of things at the same time... Trying to Multi-Task I hope I can pick up speed and catch up soon? I've glued my components, I don't know how many times to the master instead of the back ground ... because I can't see that good a nights. I catch it before it dry's .... I just continue to shake my head at myself and hope nobody is looking over my shoulder!
    Thanks for your Blog... Love it!


  2. Morning Crissie,
    I love to get feedback on the blog....thank you so much. I use an acrylic table that I purchased for machine quilting with a small, portable light underneath. It makes placement of the small pieces so much easier. When I'm up at the cabin, I tape the pattern and background fabric to a window and use the afternoon sun as my guide. I'll include a picture in my next blog. Have a great week.