Friday, February 26, 2010

How Do You Measure Up?

Dear Quilting Friends,

This whole post came about when I was rummaging about the cabin looking for a tape measure. Did I find one? No. Did I care? Not really. I began looking at all the items at the cabin that measure this poultry scale.

You never know when Zinny is going to bring you a rubber chicken. You know what they say about a chicken in every pot!
I use an old scale to hold a cookie jar.
Boy Howdy! Five pounds of cookies.....I'm in heaven.
I bought this tool used by a surveyor to display a quilt.
Think I'll measure the next snow with it.
Joe did a nice job polishing this old brass scale.
The towels in the bathroom have a nice home. Word of warning to guests....spiders like this scale too!
We take measurements to see if things are "on the level."
My dining room table is a bit off. This level belonged to my Dad. I never throw anything away.
Architect measurement tool.
We measure time.
Both clocks were made by Joe. He's just so clever!
We measure temperature.
Barometric pressure. This one is totally incorrect. It is by no means a fair day up in the mountains. ....and last by not least, we measure the DOW. While I was taking this picture it started to go south. What is important about all of these tools used for measurement you ask? It is important that there isn't a tool that we use to measure up to each other. We all have different life stories and skills making us unique individuals.

I'll get back to my quilting now....measuring as precisely as I can to create the best quilt that I know how to make....without a tape measure.

As always,

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