Friday, March 18, 2011

Yo-Yo's Galore

Hello Everyone,

I had a bag full of yo-yo's.  I hadn't counted them, but I just knew they were going to make at least ten blocks!

When all was said and done, I only had made enough for an additional six blocks.  These have just been glued onto the hourglass sections.  I applique them down at night while watching TV.

I need to make 576 yo-yo's.  My count so far is 126!  This quilt is going to be very old fashioned yet much stronger than the original quilts made with yo-yo's back in the old days.  I'm making the yo-yo's with perle cotton instead of thread.  A tapestry needle works well with the perle cotton also.  I'm appliqueing the yo-yo's to the hourglass section using silk thread, which "melts" into the fabric.

This quilt is fun to make but will not be finished anytime in the near future.  The yo-yo's are very portable and I take my supplies with me wherever I go so I can whip up a few of them while traveling, as long as the road isn't too windy.  (No wonder English is such a hard language.....windy as is curvy and windy as is windswept). 

I hope you all have a perfect day while trying to perfect your quilting skills!  I will not subject you to anymore on this subject. I know, I know, it is way too early in the morning for this!

As always,



  1. I have started on my own yo yo collection for this quilt. I believe it will be a long term project, and your posts will help me get moving.Thanks.

  2. It's going to be wonderful once it's finished.

  3. I am loving this quilt! So pretty! My friend is making it too. She is going on a 2 week trip and plans on making the yo-yos while traveling.

  4. Now that is an industrious project, Lynn! I was at a quilt show yesterday and saw something very similar! Love your last paragraph - as an English major - well said - lolol!!

  5. Hello, I love your yoyo quilt and wondered what size yoyo's did you use? Congratulations too.... Annie Dunn in the UK

  6. Where do you get the threads (cotton perle and silk)? I am looking on Hobby Lobby online and no luck.