Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Minglewood Sashings

Hello Everyone,

Time to get back in the swing of things and dig in on my projects that have been patiently waiting from my return.  I've not been quilting for the past three longest hiatus from quilting ever!  I started in on the sashings and corner 9-patches for Minglewood.  The Little Gathering fabric line from Moda is perfect for this quilt and frames the blocks nicely.  There are still openings for this BOM at In Between Stitches.

Over the Labor Day weekend, we had a booth at Ruby Hill Winery for the Harvest Wine Festival.  So many of you ask me what my husband does while I work on my quilts for eight hours a day.  Well, Mr. Joe makes items out of wine barrels in his little wood shop.....just like Geppetto!  He loves working with wood and comes up with some great designs.

He makes doggie beds out of wine barrels.  We call this a Bark-A-Lounger.  (I know we have way too much time on our hands!)

....and here is a planter box.  From Cribbage boards to Lazy Susans, he makes them up at the cabin.  My contribution to his hobby is to go along for the ride and write up the sales while sipping a glass of wine....not a bad deal at all and I'm qualified for that position in our little Mom and Pop Company!

Today is machine quilting day.  I have to work on Party in the Garden and have it finished for Quilting in the Garden.  This is a fabulous quilt show in my hometown of Livermore.  Check out the slide show on the website, the classes being offered, and the featured artists.  Hope to see you there!

As always,



  1. Hi Lynn- Love the blocks. I have been admiring the " Little Gatherings" range. :)
    Your husband is very talented, love the doggy bed. When I was reading your post, I thought you were going to say he is a winemaker- well, next best thing, and you do get to have a "tipple" LOL
    I posted on the craft forum I belong to, re the Beatles songs and they are driving me nuts with all the replies using different song titles- It has given them a good laugh and I told them all about Zinnie the canine random number selector, too! Sandy. :)

  2. Just love those quilt blocks and the sashing is PERFECT!

    What a talented hubby you have .

  3. Hi from France
    The colors of your quilt match perfectly with those of your husband's work (great wok to).
    In France it's wine season too.
    Happy quilting

  4. I am so jealous that you're already working with Little Gatherings, Lynn! My FQ stack sits on my table just calling to me! Your hubby is SO talented - wish we could see his work (and yours) in person!