Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Week in the Woods

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was a great day to hunker down, enjoy the torrents or rain, and work on the cheerful applique center for Madrigal in the new colorway.  It rained buckets here yesterday, no snow, but rain was just as welcome.  This basket of flowers came together in a flash.  I picked my colors, didn't change my mind once, and before I new it, the pieces were prepared and ready for stitching.

This quilt almost has a retro 1930's look.  I think it is a combination of the green that was so prevalent in the 30's and 40's, and the red check flange. This quilt still has a long way to go before completion, but I couldn't wait to lay the blocks out on the table for a quick look at her.

Here is a picture of the center applique from the first Madrigal for comparison.  This version is more elegant and formal.  The new version in lighthearted and cheerful.  It is amazing to see what 'look' can be achieved by using different fabrics. 


I finished the binding on Winterset last night.  Now, all I need to do is the hanging sleeve, quilt label and finish the directions. 

It's been a very productive week in the woods for both Mr. Joe and me.  We haven't lost power, just a flicker of the lights now and again.  Our tools, both woodworking and quilting have been buzzing with activity.

Have a wonderful Saturday and enjoy your's a wonderful gift.

As always,


  1. Absolutely gorgeous!! Love the wee check border!! Well done!

  2. I just love when several people do the same project in their own fabrics. It always amazes me how much difference only changing the fabrics makes.

  3. There has to be a special name for one special quilter that can make decision, preparations, and placements that fast. I'll bet it will all be stitched in place by tomorrows game? Lynn, You amaze me! Envy ~ Envy ~ Envy!

  4. You said it perfectly, Lynn. The first version is very elegant and the second version is definitely light hearted and sweet. Love both but the second version speaks to me - it's delightful.

    Very productive time in the woods! :-)

  5. It's looking really really good. Love the fabrics....

  6. Wow - each quilt has it's own unique character! Just gorgeous work, Lynn! I'd say your cabin is quite the insprirational "wok" place for you and Mr. Joe!

  7. WOW! Just Gorgeosu ! What a productive week for you ! I envy you being able to pick your fabrics so quickly . That is the hardest part for me.

  8. Hi Lynn, it looks gorgeous!
    Here across the pond (or Down Under) it is Smmer, and hot/humid. :( Sandy

  9. It sounds as though you've had a really good, productive week. The new Madrigal looks great, does she have a name yet?