Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October Magic Class is in Session

Hello Everyone,
What a perfect day to post pictures of my October Magic class that was at In Between Stitches yesterday.  A couple of the girls couldn't make it, but the three of us that were there, had a fun day. 
Barbara added the borders yesterday and her quilt top is done!  We ooohhhed and aahhhhed, so did the customers that happened to stray into the classroom.

Her quilt started the day like this.  She mixed up a potion of flanges and flying geese and her borders were finished.

After it's quilted, Barbara is going to add some embellishments, from pumpkins on the fence...

to a button body for the spider.

Little ghosts made from cheesecloth will be hanging from the tree.

Home, sweet, home.

Mary is brand new to applique.  She is well on her way to becoming a master.  She had all of her pieces prepared and got them all in place.  Now she's all set to work on the stitching.  I am so impressed by her first attempt.  She's a girl after my own her plaids!

Her geese are all finished.

Now she's working on her blocks.  I'm really looking forward to seeing Mary's finished quilt.

Now here's Nancy!  Nancy "virtually" joined in on the fun from Idaho. She set the mood for her day beginning with her socks and broom.

Throw in a few scary movies....

......and just like Practical Magic, blocks began to appear!  I have a feeling that Nancy was happier than a witch in a broom factory.  I'm delighted that Nancy joined us in spirit, and I encourage more of you to quilt along with us and send me pictures.

If you are interested in brewing up a little October Magic, the patterns are available at In Between Stitches.  When I was at the shop yesterday, I noticed that there is one kit available.  The rest of them flew out the door on Nancy's broom!

Have a Happy Halloween.




  1. What a clever and fun bunch of gals, Lynn! Too bad Nancy couldn't fly there in person on her broom - I just love her socks!

  2. I really considered firing up the Hoover & coming down on my Turbo Broom! I'd give the Eye of a Newt and the Fang of a Hound to be able to attend some of Lynn's classes! One can never have too many pumpkins or too many Halloween socks but those are definately a favorite pair!

  3. love all those added details. what fun quilts.

  4. What a lot of fun you had! The witchy quilter has the coolest socks! The gals are doing a great job on their projects!