Thursday, November 1, 2012

Nostalgic Christmas Blocks

Hello Everyone,
Happy November 1st already!  The Holidays are just around the corner, and two of my blogging friends have been busy working on their quilts for the Holidays.
Lea, from Podunk Pretties has been making great progress on her beautiful Nostalgic Christmas blocks.  I love, LOVE the vintage images that Lea is using.

This quilt is going to be a family treasure.  Make sure to check out Lea's blog Podunk Pretties, and see her quilts and the quilting of her quilts.  She's pretty amazing and I'm so anxious to see how Lea quilts this one.

Lesley in another one of my blogging friends.  Lesley is the Cuddle Quilter and she is going to be curling up in her fabulous quilt on those cold winter nights in Nova Scotia.  Lesley is using the Sentiments panel for her block centers, the same one that I used in my quilt and pillows.

I hear there's been a run on plaid in quilt shops around the country!  I've always said that plaid is my favorite color.

Just beautiful Lesley.  I love your fabric selections and your blocks.

Both of you girls have done wonderful things with my pattern and it is so much fun for me to see your pictures.  I'm so appreciative that you are making my pattern and posting pictures.  I get so excited when I see my design come alive in homes across the globe.

Please check out both of the blogs, leave a comment, and let Lea and Lesley know that you stopped by to see them.

Have a great day quilting.....everyone!




  1. Wow - both gals have done some outstanding work! I'm sure having a lot of fun with mine! Oh - and I might just be one of those people making a run on plaids - wink!!

  2. Are the vintage images available to buy from a quilt store? I've never seen them before and I love the old world look of the pictures...