Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ten Little Scrappy Baskets

Hello Everyone,
This was my morning project yesterday, finishing ten of the little baskets.  Once all of the HST are made, the baskets just fly together into perfect, little 4-1/2" blocks.  
This was my afternoon project. During a storm in April of 2011, this tree came down just missing the cabin.  
Our son cut it all up for us and we had rounds of pine tree stacked up around the cabin drying out for the last year and a half. Yesterday, the ax came out and we decided to split some of the rounds for firewood. I took a turn with the ax and my hands and back are telling me today that it wasn't such a good idea pretending to be Paula Bunyon.   A log splitter is at the top of my Christmas list!

When I took my first swing with the ax, trying to zero in on the wood splitting grenade,  I'm sure I looked like Wiley Coyote when he hits an anvil instead of the Roadrunner!  My whole body vibrated and my hands almost let loose of the ax.  After a few swings, Mr. Joe stopped laughing and I finally got the hang of it.  Do you know how hard it is to swing an ax when you're laughing?  I need to work on this hand/eye coordination thing. By the end of the afternoon, I was wishing for a real grenade to take care of the wood.

The end result of the afternoons work was a nice stack of firewood by the front door.  We have more wood to bring up the hill from the back yard, which can wait until the rain stops.

Today I will stick to more domestic endeavors and make a pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce and persimmon cookies.  All of the company arrives tomorrow around noon, and I want to be ready for them with food and firewood!

Enjoy your day getting ready for the feast of Thanksgiving.



  1. The wood piles look great, but your quilt looks fabulous! Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  2. Soooo Lynn, one year I asked the hubby for a splitting wedge and a wood maul for Christmas. One of the BEST gifts he's ever gotten me. The only thing we use the ax for is splitting kindling. Maybe Santa will be good to you this year too!

  3. Cute little basket blocks.

    Have a great Thanksgiving weekend.