Monday, November 5, 2012

Quilt Block Heaven

Hello Everyone,
I just have to make 18 more of these.....

Four more of these.......

The fabrics are gathered together.....

Some of the blocks are all cut and in their little zip lock bags, just waiting to be sewn together.

Then I can start putting this "no name" quilt together.  Help me name this quilt....please!  Send me suggestions.

I'm off to the shop this morning.  Then some serious sewing will be taking place for the remainder of the week.



  1. Beautiful blocks! Wish I could help you with a name but I'm not good at that sort of thing.

  2. Oh! That is making a really, really wonderful quilt! I love how you're combining the baskets and stars, and the pinwheels by the setting triangles look spiffy. Perfect color, too, for the setting pieces. The only think I can think of name-wise is butterscotch something. Probably been pilfering too much left-over Halloween candies!

  3. It's gorgeous! I think you should name it Lynn's Beauty! Cause that's what it is!

    Cheery wave!


  4. Combine the two Butterscotch Beauties.....LOL

  5. Have you ever considered that it was men in the movie who had their Bucket List? Perhaps we girls should have our Basket List? I think there are Stars in yours...which are probably going to require more than one basket...

  6. Looking at the colours in the quilt and you lot talking of candies made me think of toffee or caramel - but butterscotch is better, I think. Butterscotch Baskets?

  7. Just love this quilt The first name that comes to mind when I see this quilt is " HARVEST BOUNTY "

  8. Hello Lynn,

    You should name it after your title post "Block Heaven"

    Enjoy your day.

  9. Humm...I see cinnamon and nutmeg, "Cinnamon Harvest", "Spicewood Baskets"

  10. How about A Basket Full of Stars,or Starring Baskets?