Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Everyone,

The rolls are in the raising process, and I'm just getting ready to start the star of the show.....the turkey. 

I know preparing a large holiday meal for a cast of thousands, (well maybe 10 or so), can be stressful.  I heard a commentary by Sam Sifton of the New York Times on the news the other day and I thought you would enjoy it too.  If you have time today, take a few minutes to read his commentary HERE on his Do's and Don'ts for Thanksgiving.  He's a great writer and he makes a great deal of sense.  Remember.....we are just roasting a large chicken surrounded by piles of mush on our plates.

The next four days are reserved for family time, so I will not be blogging.  I have grandchildren that need my absolute complete attention for walks in the woods, building forts, looking for Big Foot.....all of the important things in life!

Take care everyone and I'm wishing you the happiest of days.  I'm truly thankful for all of YOU!



  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. If you stumble across Big Foot please tell me Hi for me. LOL

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Lynn. Hope you have a wonderful four days with family.

    Linda Palmer