Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Evelynne's Pillows

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday when I was working at the shop, Evelynne brought in her two Nostalgic Pillows for me to see. It is so much fun when I get the opportunity to see what quilters make from my patterns. Evelynne did a wonderful job on her creations and I think she had fun too.

This pillow is the silhouette of her son and grandson.  She printed it on Printed Treasures fabric and used it as the focal point of her block.  Then she surrounded it with Little Black Dress fabric and just a touch of red, creating a wonderful contrast.  Very classy and very touching. 

We are battening down the hatches here in Sew'n Wild Oaks land.  It sounds like it is going to be raining for days and days accompanied with high winds.  Sounds like good quilting weather to me!  I'd better get some hand sewing projects together just in case the power goes out. 

Have a wonderful day creating happiness for yourself and those around you.



  1. Very cute pillows. Sounds like you will have some concentrated quilting time on your hands ;-)

  2. I love Evelynne's pillows! They're so pretty and original! Great job! If the power goes out what will Mr. Joe doe without his power tools? Perhaps you can put him to guarding the moat, Lynn - LOL!

  3. The pillows are beautiful! Hope you stay warm and dry and enjoy your quilting days!