Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Itty Bitty Baskets

Hello Everyone,
Yesterday I did some experimenting on an idea Melissa had down at the shop.  We are thinking about starting another BOW (Block of the Week) that would run for twelve weeks.  I cut twelve different fabrics from my scrap basket, 6 lights and 6 darks.  All of the strips are 4-1/2" x 11".

Here's the first little 4-1/2" basket.

.......and then there were three.  My goal is to make 10 baskets out of the 12 strips.  After cutting the little pieces, I realized that I'm going to have to add 1 additional light strip in order to get to the required 10 baskets.

If we decide not to do the program, then I will have 10 cute little baskets for another quilt!

Is everyone ready for Thanksgiving?   Yesterday, we were packing up to head to the cabin, and space was tight in the car.  The grocery store in the mountains tends to run out of food on a busy holiday, so we literally brought the grocery store with us.  The turkey was still frozen, so we packed it in a box with other frozen food around it........and then we almost forgot to pack it in the car!  We have seen wild turkeys around the cabin, but I don't think they would want to be on the center of the table for dinner Thursday.  Mr. Joe is quick, but he's not quick enough to bag a turkey with his hatchet!

I'll be making more baskets today, then the full blown preparations begin for Thanksgiving.  We will have a house full of family.  Let's see, according to my calculations, (8 people with healthy appetites) X 3 meals a day = 24 plates of food X 4 days = 96 plates of food!  It's a good thing the men wash the dishes!  Everyone has their food assignments, so I can sit back and watch the shenanigans taking place in the kitchen while I play with the grand kids!  For all of this, I am truly thankful.



  1. Happy Thanksgiving Lynn!!


  2. Hee - I can just imagine Mr. Joe running through the woods after a wild turkey with a hatchet in his hand! He'd be better off with the "other" Wild Turkey - lolol! Enjoy your Thanksgiving, Lynn!

  3. I can tell you are going to have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy every minute! The baskets are so cute...no rest for the wicked, I guess...giggle!

  4. Sounds like you and your family will have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy!