Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Tisket A Tasket

Hello Everyone,
Just one more basket to go!  It has been fun pairing the fabrics for these little 5-1/2" cuties. I'm not making them too matchy-matchy.

The frames go on quickly and they really highlight the basket.  I can just see the crosshatching now in the larger open area.

This basket needs the frame, then it can be added to the mix.  This is the sum total of my quilting yesterday. 

We drove up to the cabin to ride out the storms, yes storms.  While listening to the radio on the way up the mountain, the weatherman said California is going to have 'biblical' rainfall amounts.  That got my attention.  We stacked firewood on the porch, and went to the grocery store so we are good for the duration.  The sky is pink this skies at morning, sailors take warning!  I'm going to set my sails for waves of quilting, with an occasional meal in the galley.



  1. Just love those little baskets! Be safe!!!

  2. Hope you don't get seasick, Lynn! Love the baskets - I need to take a cue from you and try not to be so matchy, matchy!

  3. Just LOVE your baskets ! We are doing the same over here :-D All the firewood is stacked and grocery shopping done this morning . We are expecting 7 " to 10" of rain ! Perfect weather for sewing ;-)

  4. Love the baskets, I see fabric that I also have.
    We had a wild storm last night, crazy weather it's summer in 2 days..
    Stay safe.
    Julia ♥

  5. Wonderful baskets! Guess you may be able to quilt a lot if that weatherman is right. Stay safe!