Friday, November 2, 2012

The Quilt Without a Name

Hello Everyone,
This is what's on my design wall this week.....the quilt without a name.

I've gone from slate blue fabric to rust around the baskets.  I went back and forth about this decision and then I thought, "What would look best in my home?"  Rust it is with an accent of farm implement red....the color of my kitchen.

I would like to do nothing else and work on this quilt all day long, but my to-do list includes major household chores to finish today.  Mr. Joe put in for a roll top desk on Freecycle....and he got it.  Check out the Internet to see if you have a Freecycle in your area.  The whole premise of the organization is to keep usable items out of the landfill.  We have posted quite a few items that were scooped up in two shakes of a lamb's tail!  We have also benefited by becoming the proud owners of a 3-drawer lawyer's filing cabinet and shelving units for the garage. The point of this paragraph is.....I have to totally cleanup and rearrange my office to make room for the new desk.  We'll haul out the old desk that has been there for 20+ years, and post it on Freecycle.  It will be gone by this afternoon.

I'll be at the shop tomorrow, Saturday to work the Jingle Bell Hop and the Holiday Open House which is taking place in downtown Livermore, and it's Saturday Sampler day.  The shop is going to be packed and buzzing with Holiday cheer. Maybe I shouldn't work in my office today, I need to save every ounce of strength for the shop-hoppers tomorrow!



  1. As much as I liked the blue, I think the rust is the better choice with the scrappy stars.

  2. I agree! After looking back to review, the new, more finished block looks great! I love that this is a scrap buster!

  3. Love your 'nameless' quilt...the colors are perfect. Good luck with your day's plans. I think you may have much more fun tomorrow at your festive shop! Enjoy the weekend!

  4. Your Anonymous looks great, I love the colours. The chores don't sound like much fun, but the shop hop today certainly does.