Saturday, May 25, 2013

Quilt Moving Day

Hello Everyone,
This week I went on a fun trip to Prairie Queens in San Jose to move quilts around again.  Here's Buttonwood on display.


Here's Party in the Garden on display.

Last, but not least here is Winterset on display. I have my quilts on a rotation schedule around California and Nevada.  Like I said before, keeping track of the quilts is like herding cats.

April, the shop's manager made a Country Charmer quilt from pink and green fabrics.  So pretty!

This is what you see when you walk in the front door of Prairie Queens. This shop is extremely inviting.  My granddaughter and I had fun looking at all of the quilts and the fabrics.

This quilt, Provence & Beyond stopped me in my tracks.  It's gorgeous.  April made the quilt and Debbie, the shop's owner, masterfully quilted this beauty.

They have kits.....available by clicking HERE.  Do you know how tempted I was to buy one of these kits and take it home with me?

The fabrics are yummy.

This would be a great summer project.  I think I'm talking myself into making this quilt. 

You probably think I haven't been quilting.....and you're right! With our son and his family moving into town, I've been busy with the grand kids until their day care program gets underway. In the meantime, the family is pitching in and we're on a rotating kidlet-watching calendar.  My granddaughter, Harleigh, is old enough to stuff patterns for me.  I also have her learning the accounting program for my little business. She's learned how to process orders, receive payments and enter bills into the system. She wants to start cheerleading, swim team and guitar lessons this summer.....all of which cost money that she is going to earn while helping me.  She's also learned the time card system and she watches the clock like a hawk while calculating her earnings. Don't worry, I haven't broken any child labor laws....yet. 

Harleigh also loves to draw and she takes her sketch book with her wherever she goes. She worked on this drawing one afternoon. I'm starting her on the long-arm next week to see if she can do some "thread painting" and bring her drawing to life on a quilt block.  I've always said, "If you can't draw it, you can't quilt it."  She can draw it....and she's only 12!



  1. That Provence & Beyond quilt pattern is really pretty....WOW.....I wonder where Harleigh gets her talent.....I hope she loves doing the long might have a Hollis Chatelain on your hands.....what a beautiful picture Harleigh drew.....

  2. Like Grandma like granddaughter! Lovely design! I see another quilter on the horizon!

  3. Sounds like a lovely time was had, and your granddaughter definitely takes after her Nan I think. I saw that quilt Provence and Beyond in a mag ad and loved it too.

  4. I love herding cats, er....quilts, Lynn! How much fun to visit other shops, have a nice lunch in a different town and just see the sights! It's easy to see where Harleigh gets her talent! I can't wait to see what she does on the longarm! I see many awards in her future!

  5. I am truly impressed with your granddaughter's talent! She's definitely been influenced by your work. Her art is wonderful and it will be interesting to see how she takes to longarm quilting and what she translates her pencil drawings to thread drawings.

  6. What an interesting post! Loved seeing your gorgeous quilts on display and I agree, that quilt and kit are scrumptious! As for your talented grandchildren, sounds like they are just so capable with so many skills. What a great idea to put that art into a quilt. Enjoy the family!

  7. Oh my gosh, I forgot to specifically mention the pink and green Country is exquisite...see how wonderful your pattern is? It works in every colour scheme and line of fabric!