Sunday, May 26, 2013

Flower Basket

Hello Everyone,
I'm making a little basket of flowers for the Fall quilt.  Here's the beginning of what I completed yesterday.

I prepare the flowers one at a time.  I use just a drop or two of Roxanne's glue to hold it together then I'll glue it to the basket once all of the flowers and leaves are finished.  I'm cutting out the flowers and leaves from the same fat quarter that is screaming the colors of Fall to me.

This is my chicken scratch that I drew yesterday.  I draw with the Frixion pens that erase better than pencil. Sometimes when I want to erase a lot.....and I do often, I just iron my drawing away. When I decide on the final drawing, I trace over the whole picture with a permanent marker.  Once I left one of my drawings in a hot vanished in the I learned my lesson the hard way.

To make the braided border stand out, I'm going to embroider an outline stitch around each of the little pieces.

I hope all of you have an enjoyable day.  I see a picnic lunch and hike in my future.



  1. This quilt is progressing in a fascinating way. I love braids on the basket! All my dolls and daughters have endured braids...and even better, french braids!
    Now I'm wondering if this is going to be an Autumny version of Party In The Garden!

  2. Just lovely, the embroidery details will be absolutely gorgeous. Very nice to see your designing process. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. It's just amazing to watch the designing process, LOVELY!

  4. Love your basket and it is so interesting to see the steps. The basket fabric is so perfect! You are such a talented gal!

  5. Just love this fall basket ! Your fall quilt is going to be another amazing quilt ! You are SO talented !

  6. You mentioned losing your drawing by placing it in a hot car. If that ever happens again (using Frixion pens), just put that drawing in the freezer, and it will reappear.

  7. I just can't wait to see all of this quilt. It's going to be gorgeous. Love the colours of your flowers.

  8. How wonderful is this! I love your fabric choices - someone had you in mind when they designed them! The braid around the edge of the basket is fantastic! I think you're having a lot of fun, Lynn!! Enjoy the picnic!

  9. I don't comment every time you post, but I want you to know that I LOVE seeing your projects!! I love them all, and love all the things you share! Thank you - you inspire me!! This little basket is just adorable!


  10. OMGosh....I just love everything about this is so beautiful....