Friday, January 10, 2014

Machine Quilting Heartfire

Hello Everyone,
Time to show a few pictures of my machine quilting on Heartfire.  I always drag my feet when it comes to loading a quilt on the machine.  Once I get the backing made, and the quilt on the machine, I'm a happy camper!

First I make my spine then start filling it in with the free motion feathers.  I was going to do a crosshatching pattern in the border, but I didn't want my lines to follow right over the polka dots.  So feathers won out!

Lots of ruler work around each ring of the hexagons.  I'll spend my day stitching round and round, and round   until I'm dizzy!  I love listening to Pandora radio on the computer while I quilt.  My music selection yesterday ranged from Classical to AC/DC to Adele.  I love it all! 

I also posted on the In Between Stitches blog this morning.  I'm going to be one of the contributing authors of our new blog.  I also have the blog posted under Inspirational Blogs on my site so you can get to it easily.  We have lots of big plans for the new blog.  Check it out and become a follower.  Make a comment, let us know you are out there and reading.  If you want to know how to get the most out of a quilting class, then hop on over to the In Between Stitches blog.

We are still on tap for Grammy & Poppy's taxi/babysitting service while we help out our son and DIL during a rough time for them.  There is nothing more important than good health and family to get you through the tough times.



  1. Your work is amazing . . Sew Perfect :)

  2. Oh my, your quilting is stunning! Your hexies pop with the quilting! Congrats on the new 'writing' job...will check it out. All the best to your son and family and have fun with the kiddies!

  3. So pretty. And I'm heading over to check out the new blog.

  4. Thanks for sharing your quilting. I am always in awe of the talent it takes to do this.

  5. Looking good Lynn. I hope mine turns out half as lovely. I was putting rows together this afternoon, but that stopped when something kept causing our electricity to cut out. Now we've got to try and work out what's causing that!

  6. Beautiful.....can't wait to see it finished....hope your DIL is feeling better......

  7. Magnificent, Lynn! I can't wait to get that far on mine, although I think my quilting won't be quite as wonderful ;>)

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!