Monday, October 20, 2014

Whole lotta binding.......

Hello Everyone,
My friend Sylvia came to the house yesterday to help us celebrate my sister's birthday.  Sylvia brought three wonderful quilts to show us.  Almost finished quilts!  The first quilt is my Madrigal pattern.  Sylvia took my class, and now she has a finish.

Her second finish is from Quilt Sue's Pick Four book.  The quilt is called 3D Noughts and Crosses.  It is a beautiful quilt with wonderful quilting.

Sylvia also made a table topper which is just perfect for the season. Sylvia will be binding for quite some time! 

Your quilts were fabulous Sylvia.  It has been fun watching your quilting progress through the years.  You've become quite the prolific quilter.  You have a good eye for color and I know how much you are enjoy your hobby.  I'm so glad you brought your quilts to share with me.

I'm off to the shop this morning to help Melissa unpack and put all of the product away from the quilt show.  Maybe we should make the shop "self service" today.  The customers can do their own cutting and ring themselves up, while we sit in the classroom and snooze.  Sounds like a good plan to me.



  1. What beautiful quilts! And snoozes are definitely in order after PIQF and before taking on all of that binding :D

  2. Yes, beautiful quilts and that smile on her face really says it all.

  3. What a fantastic "quilt show" Sylvia brought to you! I have Sue's book, and have considered making 3D Noughts and Crosses. But, I really love that Madrigal. Oh my, the to-do list continues to grow! ;)

  4. Wow, she does have some binding to do, but on lovely projects so I'm certain that it will be a labour of love.

  5. Gorgeous quilts, Sylvia! Aren't you glad you brought them to Lynn's so she could do a "show and tell" this morning! I am envious. I need to finish my "Madrigal".

  6. Hee Hee!! Self-serve at the shop!! I'm sure they'd be happy to oblige! :-P Are you pretty tired? How did it go on Sat. with your demo-ing of your patchwork math components? Martha and I had a great time Friday at the show, and Thursday night we even got pieces cut out for a block of the Country Corners quilt along. Now all we have to do is sew it together. :-) Hopefully Tuesday you can get rested up!!! Hugs, H

  7. Great work, Sylvia! You will be spending a lot of time doing my favorite part of the quilt - the binding!

  8. Sylvia's quilts are beautiful!

  9. Sylvia has done really well! I am sorry I have missed your recent posts. I have maniacally been learning, and practicing (and practicing) free motion quillting on my regular sewing machine. You have inspired me with your awesome quilting skills as I am sure you have inspired thousands! Thanks for sharing!