Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Georgetown Quilt Show 2015

Hello Everyone,
The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity and I'm finally getting around to posting the pictures from the quilt show in Georgetown, CA from last Saturday.  It was a beautiful day for a show.
Crystal blue sky, and no smoke from the fires that are ravaging California.  The set up began promptly at 7am.  Volunteer firemen, Needle Nellies, and their husbands have their assigned tasks, and the show is ready well before the 10am start time.

As the featured artist, I set up in the gazebo area.  By afternoon, Gail and I were very glad to be in the shade as the sun climbed higher in the sky, and the temperature heated up.

I was playing around with the panoramic setting on my phone, and was able to get a nice shot of most of the inside.


The 13 Needle Nellies outdid themselves this year.  The quilts were fabulous. Gail and I had a chance to see everything before the crowd arrived......and they showed up in large numbers to support the Needle Nellies and the volunteer fire department.

 Vintage Valentine quilts.....so pretty.

This year's opportunity quilt was Woodland Christmas by Bunny Hill Designs.  ALL of the proceeds from raffle ticket sales, go directly to the Volunteer Fire Department. Over the past several years, the Nellies have donated over $50,000!!! 

Next year.......insert drumroll here, the Opportunity Quilt is Toyland Tree by Sew'n Wild Oaks....that would be ME!

The incredible quilt the Nellies made brought a glisten of a tear to my eye.  One lucky winner is going to have an heirloom quilt gracing their home Christmas after Christmas.  I'll be posting a link so you can start buying your tickets now!  With your help, we can make this the biggest year yet for donations to the Volunteer Fire Department.

Thank you Nellies for inviting Gail and me back to your great show.  We look forward to seeing our friends in Georgetown every year. You girls do so much good for your mountain community. You are the BEST!



  1. The first thing I noticed aside from the gorgeous quilts is the clear, blue sky! What a treat after all the smoke! The Nellies sure are wonderful quilters and so accommodating with that wonderful, shady booth! I'm so excited that Toyland will be next year's opportunity quilt! I know it will get a lot of attention for sure!

  2. What a fabulous show! So glad the weather cooperated for you. I love your area in the gazebo...your quilts look stunning! And how wonderful to have your quilt as the raffle quilt for next year!

  3. Wow! A raffle quilt in your honor! Congrats! I so love that Bunny Hill design, will have to save my pennies. What a beautiful day you must've had I hope you kept Gail plied with cookies! Really wish I could enjoy a day like that.

  4. What a beautiful day for a quilt show in the park! Sigh...I guess neither of us won that wonderful Woodland Christmas quilt! I was thinking about a shared custody agreement with you.

  5. I echo Lynn's comments. It was an amazing show again this year! You Needle Nellies accomplish so much and your work is incredible! Lynn and I always look forward to spending time with our special friends in Georgetown! Thank you for making us feel so welcome!

  6. What a lovely show and so pleased you had such wonderful weather.

  7. A perfect day and beautiful quilts!