Thursday, January 28, 2016

The New Heritage Quilt

Hello Everyone,
It's good to be back to blogging.  Thank you all so much for your out pouring of sympathy for my sisters loss of her husband.  It's been a very busy time over the past few weeks, and now it's time to get back to quilting.
Boxes of fabrics have been arriving on my doorstep.  I only had time to stare at them wistfully until this week, when I dug in and started creating.

For those of you who are Judie Rothermel fans, you are going to love the new Macie's Journal line by Marcus Fabrics which will start arriving in quilt shops in March.

I have always told you that I'm a scrappy quilter.  For the most part that is true.  But, this time I'm focusing on only part of the line.  My focus is going to be this selection below.

I started making some Log Cabins.  I've always loved Log Cabin blocks yet I haven't used them in any of my designs.  They are going to be prominently featured in this quilt.

 If you look closely at the next two blocks, they should look familiar to you.

They are Country Charmer blocks.  I set them on point in the quilt for an entirely different look.

This is what was tacked on my design wall by the end of the day.  I really like what I'm seeing so far.  Just look at all of the wonderful space I can fill with beautiful machine quilting!  I'm going to call this quilt Heritage.  I put my list of fabric requirements together, and we are placing our order for this fabric today. 

Two of my least favorite aspects of quilting are sewing the individual blocks together into rows and putting on the border.  With this quilt, I'm going to assemble the rows together diagonally as I go so I don't have that mundane task left for the end. That is going to make me a happy camper.
Again thank you all so much for helping Gail through this tough time in her life.  Last Sunday, we had an outpouring of love from the quilting community gathered here at our home. We had food, laughter, and hugs. We have never entertained so many people in our home at the same time.  Quilters poured into our house in droves. We will be forever grateful to all of you.


  1. Sending hugs and prayers to you and Gail and your families. Welcome back, especially with that gorgeous hertitage quilt.What a beauty!

  2. I totally missed the end of your last post and feel so bad. Sending hugs, prayers, and wishes to Gail and families.

  3. I echo Lynn's sentiments! I cannot thank you all enough for all of or your support through the many blog posts, e-mails, texts, Facebook posts, cards, prayers, hugs, flowers and gifts! Quilters are truly an amazing group and I will be forever grateful to each and every one of you! You have no idea how much it helps to know so many people care! And to my sister who has been there for me every step of the way through this journey, I could not go down this path without you! Your love and support mean the world to me!

  4. I LOVE*LOVE*LOVE this quilt so far!! WOW!! Dynamite!!

  5. Loving the fabrics and blocks. Gentle hugs from Texas.

  6. That is going to be a gorgeous quilt Lynn. Can't wait to see how the rest is going to develop! Hugs, H

  7. I love this! I toyed with putting Country Charmer blocks on point when Sue and I challenged each other to surprise you with our unexpected versions when we did the Quilt Along reveal! This is quilt is just going to invite people to wrap up and stay cozy in it!

    1. and I DID put mine on point. I really must dig it out and, since I used Christmas fabrics for my challenge version, I really must get it quilted before next Christmas!

  8. Oh Lynn, another stunning design! I can't wait to see how this one evolves!

  9. Your blocks are so striking! Love the fabric - maybe next year - still trying to not be tempted - so difficult. I really need to get with it and make a Log Cabin quilt. So glad you are back. I enjoy your Blogs. Glad Gail is doing OK.