Thursday, August 17, 2017

Organization Overload

Hello Everyone,
This is what I've been up to......moving my entire sewing room to the cabin. I've been packing, folding, sorting, and fondling fabric for days.

This cute little piece of furniture is an old mail sorter from a small town out in the valley.  It is perfect for storing fat quarters and other fabric collections.

My old pie safe is the perfect place to store yardage.  This exercise has shown me a couple of things.  First, I have enough fabric to make hundreds of's not going to happen in my lifetime.  Second, this reorganization has re-introduced me to fabric that I bought years ago, and it reminded me of why I liked it in the first place.  I had forgotten about so many of my favorite pieces.  I see a scrap quilt in my future!  Three, this picture shows me that I need more yellows.

The room is large enough to accommodate my office.  I still have to move the printers, office supplies, file cabinet, and cubbies that hold all of the printed patterns ready for mailing.  This area will be my blogging spot in the morning.....just as soon as I get a good Internet signal.  The repairman will be here soon to "boost" the signal. I've learned that the signal has a hard time traveling through log walls.

This week, I put down my feather duster and started preparing for the Delta Quilters, Harvest on the Delta Quilt Show in Brentwood this weekend.  I'll pack everything up tomorrow and head to the Delta and set up the booth.  It seems that all I've been doing is packing and unpacking.  I would love to see a lot of you.  Come on by and visit my booth this weekend.


  1. Oh what fun! Everything looks lovely in its new place. Funny how when we re-organize how we realize what colors we are lacking. Since yellow is my favorite color, that is usually my biggest stack! Have fun at the show!

  2. Are you moving permanently to the country? Can't blame you-its gorgeous up there. Have fun reconnecting with your new found treasures from past years.

  3. Yes we would all like to know, are you moving permanently to your cabin?

  4. What an undertaking. I found fabric I bought years ago,loved it then, but not so much now :-(

  5. I just realized this past week that I need more yellows too...I couldn't find eight that I needed for a project.

  6. Great organization! And what a nice place to work!