Saturday, September 16, 2017

It's Showtime!

Hello Everyone,
Today I will be in my booth at the Sierra Quilt Guild's annual show in Sonora, CA at the fairgrounds.
We started with this blank canvas around 11am.

First the quilts go up on their stands along with the lights.  Then the magic begins when we place the props and product.

For this show, I brought my favorite old sled from the cabin to use in the display.

The booth is filled with lots and lots of goodies.

I feel like I'm playing house when I'm creating the areas for each quilt.

I will be demonstrating Patchwork Math throughout the entire show.

I would say I have a real autumn theme going on here.

Many thanks to my sister Gail, and Mr. Joe for driving, hauling, hanging, and placing each and every item you see.  This wouldn't happen without their help.


  1. I miss going to quilt shows. I know it must be a lot of work but there is so much inspiration.

  2. Ah, the change of seasons has changed the look of your set up. Fall colors, pumpkins, and the mittens are out!!

  3. Great work, you three! I can just smell the pine needles and the scent of autumn!

  4. love it. have fun. Everything is displayed so beautifully.....

  5. Looks lovely!! I hope you have time to rest before our retreat!! :-) Hugs, H