Friday, September 22, 2017

We Do I Begin?

Hello Everyone,
Where do I begin to get caught up on my blogging?  My sister Gail and I have been traveling around California for the last week attending quilting events.  I'm going to start with the most recent activity first, and slowly get caught up over the next two days.
I taught my Grammy Squares pattern and class yesterday at Alden Lane Nursery in Livermore, California.  The classes are held in conjunction with Quilting in the Garden which takes place this weekend. 

The girls were good sports and posed for a "Hometown Hooters" photo.  They were a "hoot". Starting Saturday, hundreds of quilts will be on display hanging from the ancient oak trees.  It is quite an event filled with so much eye candy.

The class was extremely productive.  Their fabrics selections were great!  So creative and so much fun for me to see great variations on my pattern.

The classroom in the nursery is the best place to be inspired and quilt!  It's bright, airy, large and quilts decorate the room.

 If you look closely at the blocks, you will see a frog wearing a bikini. 

We enjoyed our lunch in the greenhouse.

By the end of the day the design wall was decorated with Grammy Squares.

A couple of years ago, Bonnie attended my Once Upon a Vine class during Quilting in the Garden and brought her finished product.  Well done Bonnie!

Over the last week, Gail and I have literally met hundreds of quilters.  We've had a ball! At one point, Gail said she's having the time of her life. How lucky we are to be able to fill our days meeting great people, seeing beautiful quilts, laughing, receiving and giving hugs, filling our overflowing cups with inspiration, and just plain fun. 

When I started down this quilt designing road, I had absolutely no idea how rewarding this was going to be.  Quilters are the kindest people on the planet.  We appreciate you, your kind words, your hugs, your inspiration, and the love you extend to us.  We are so blessed.



  1. Great to hear about your traveling, classes, and all the fun you and Gail are having.

  2. OMG!! Those "hooter girls" seem hilarious and VERY fun-loving. Their photo cracked me up!

  3. Hi Lynn and Gail,
    It was a fun class! I've been making Grammy squares ever since. Thanks for a great day!