Friday, March 16, 2018

A Dry Run for the Trip to Alaska

Hello Everyone,
I'm posting tonight while I can, when the generator is running.  The power is supposed to be out until noon tomorrow......and we are running low on propane.  Conservation is the word of the day. Just got an update from the power won't be back on for two days.....until Sunday.  This is Friday!
I've been working on my Glacier Bay blocks.  I'm loving them.


I put them out in the snow today (no, the backdrop is NOT batting!)  I liked this picture so much...

.......I decided to line the Aurora blocks up for their photo shoot.  I was afraid the entire block of snow was going to fall off of the railing.  Then I would have been scrambling to find the blocks twenty feet below!

Eagle's Nest and Black Spruce wanted to get in on the act too. Where to put them?  In a tree of course!

My birdfeeder resembles Marge Simpson's hairstyle.  The birds don't care.

Mazey is loving the snow.  She runs, and runs, and runs.

It looks like I will be doing a lot of cutting and prepping on the Alaskan quilt over the next couple of days.  I've been working on pattern directions, walking in the snow, and shoveling the snow.  It has been a fun change to my normal cabin life.  If you don't hear from me, I'm going to be right here with a good book and a hot toddy.....with or without electricity.

I'll post more when I can.



  1. Hello Lynn,
    sounds like real adventure without power. I hope at least your heater works fine!
    I like the pictures in the snow .
    Take care and happy weekend anyhow.
    Hugs Doris :o)

  2. Love, love love all of this! Stay warm my friend!!

  3. I'm loving those Glacier Bay blocks too - just beautiful. Hope the power guys were overly generous in their timeline estimates and that you are up and running sooner. Glad to see that you and Mazey are enjoying the snow.

  4. Ugh! That's way too long to be without power. We were given notice that we will be under a boil order starting Tuesday for 24-48 hours. Thankful we were given a heads up!

  5. You're certainly in a winter wonderfland, except for the power. Your blocks are beautiful and are even more breathtaking displayed in the snow!

  6. Enjoy your down time and try to stay warm.

  7. I love your Glacier Bay blocks in the snow. Gorgeous! I have a birdfeeder with the same hairdo, lol. Love the picture of Mazey in the snow. Look at those trees! Just awesome. Stay warm. ;^)

  8. Yikes...I suspect you'll be doing a lot of hand sewing rather than use the generator power. The quilt is going to be just gorgeous! Stay warm and enjoy lots of snuggles with Mr. Joe and Mazey!

  9. Ooooh! I LOVE those Glacier Bay blocks! Blues, my favorite. Have you seen the video of the women and men dropping their faces in a pile of snow on a railing. It made a perfect impression of their faces. They were giggling like crazy!You have the perfect set-up for that! Just a hint for some fun, if you get bored!!

  10. Wow! I hope you get your power back soon.

  11. Wonderful! - I love every previous block more with each new one you add.