Monday, March 19, 2018

Where to Begin?

Hello Everyone,
After three days of living with snow, day.....

 ....and night, we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Power is back on and we are now connected to the Internet, and our phone works.  The little red thing is the bird feeder.  I should really call it the squirrel feeder.

Never one to back down from a challenge, our son said a real mountain woman would be drinking a glass of wine (whine) on the I did.  I was blanketed with snow in no time at all.

And then, Susan in Kentucky said if we got bored, we should make imprints of our faces in the snow.
It works!  Here's Mr. Joe.

Here's me.  Instead of saying "Shiver me timbers", I was saying "shrivel me wrinkles!"  Maybe this is a new face lift technique!  But, it's not good to have your double chin resting in the snow for very long.....but then again if it decides to roll up like a window shade, why not?

I trudged through the knee-deep snow one morning and took a picture of the back of the cabin.

Yesterday the temperatures started to warm, and the snow was falling in big clumps off of the trees.
It was beautiful.

You would have thought I would have a bunch of quilt blocks to show you....not.  We turned the generator on sparingly as we were running low on propane.  I didn't do much quilting at all, but I did cut fabric towers for my next show.  I also prepared some blocks and got them ready for sewing.

Mazey is ready to play some football.  She is loving the snow even though it sticks to her fur and she walks around with dingleberries hanging off of her "feathers".

Friends came for a visit yesterday with their 8-year-old grandson to do some sledding.  Evelynne brought a pot of delicious homemade chili and chocolate cake.  It was nice seeing someone from the outside world.
All you can see is the garage that sits at the top of our lot.  The house is down the hill in the back.  Mr. Joe cleans off the driveway with the snow blower, while I shovel from the back of the garage down to the house.  That shovel is making blisters that may interfere with my sewing.

We are pretty much back to normal today.  The only glitch in the system is our TV.  We have sound but no picture.  While I'm at my quilt guild meeting, Mr. Joe will futz with the TV.  After the guild meeting I have to get caught up with many emails and Etsy orders.  Everything has been on hold until our services returned. 

Back to the real world today.



  1. this is so pretty but that is a lot of snow to deal with

  2. Welcome back, the pictures are beautiful, the only bad thing is shoveling snow, really don't miss that. The peace quite and beauty are unmatchable. Stay safe. Suzanne

  3. Hooray! Welcome back! Love the pic of Mazey with her football.

  4. You look like a true Mountain Momma, Lynn! Good to see you've kept your sense of humor - dontcha just love living in the mountains now?!

  5. Well, you may be tired of all the snow, but here in northern Illinois, we have had very little. I don’t want it now, but earlier in the year I would have loved a foot or two. Snow on evergreens is so beautiful. If you don’t have a bent handle snow shovel, you might get one—so much easier on your back.

  6. Simply beautiful. And what special memories you are making. Love your blog.

  7. Beautiful pictures! Love the face imprints. You are my kind of person. Up to a challenge. Mazey is a doll. Her and my Tucker would probably have a great time together. Glad you are finally getting some relief and hope spring is on its way now!!

  8. It is beautiful! Nature's wine refrigerator! I love the fact that we have had 2 storms in 10 days dumping over 2' of snow. My husband is not of the same mind. He says it is beautiful in December but he has another name for it in March! I love the faceprints. Snow much fun!

  9. That is a lot of snow. Love your snow faces!