Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Making of a Heritage Quilt

Hello Everyone,
I'm so happy to show you all of the progress the Independence Hall Quilters made on the 2019 Scholarship quilt yesterday in the classroom at Independence Hall.  This quilt is over halfway finished.....IN ONE DAY!

Many of the girls drove through ice and snow to get to class and spend the day in the sunny classroom.  They were on a mission.

It all begins with the block layout sheet.   I'd prepared several for the group, and then they started to select their own color choices and create their own blocks.  Many of the girls took home sheets filled with colorful swatches.  More blocks will be added to this beauty soon.

There was one group working on the Log Cabin blocks, while the other group worked on the Gold Rush (star) blocks.  At times I felt as though I was herding cats trying to answer questions, cut more fabric, and put on my Quality Control hat.  These girls are good quilters!  They received my highest stamp of approval.

The blocks are not trivial.  There are 53 pieces of fabric in each one.  There are lots of seams and triangles which require precision.

The girls were precise!  Just look at their work!

The design wall started to fill throughout the day, and became more and more interesting and  beautiful.

This is the result by the end of the day!  I was floored at the amount of quilting accomplished in one meeting.  This quilt is going to be a stunner and sure to raise a ton of money for the Scholarship fund.  I couldn't have been any happier.  The person who wins this quilt is going to be the lucky recipient of an heirloom quilt.

Marcus Fabrics graciously donates fabric bundles for me to give away at workshops and lectures.  Phyllis won the raffle and knows just what she is going to do with this bundle of 30's fabrics.

Here is a picture at the end of the day.  Some of the girls were gone, but I managed to get a shot of almost everyone.

I'll keep you all posted on the progress of this quilt.  I will also let you know how to buy tickets when they become available.  I know I'm going to buy a bunch!

Many, many thanks to each and everyone of you who worked tirelessly throughout the day.  Your laughter, and funny stories made for a lively day of companionship and creativity.  And remember, what happens in the classroom.......stays in the classroom!


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