Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sew'n Wild Oaks Class Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
I was happy as a clam spending Monday and Tuesday with my Sew'n Wild Oaks girls at In Between Stitches in Livermore.  They have been so productive since we last met.
There were a lot of Country Sunshine quilts and blocks in the room made with so many different fabrics and colorways.

We also had a Christmas theme going on too.

We have a Country Sampler quilt in the making and pattern testing phase.

The box of yo-yo's looked good enough to eat!

I finished up my Gold Rush blocks for my Alaskan quilt.

I also made a huge decision to change the entire background of the quilt and removed the aged muslin fabrics.  In class, one of the girls made a comment about the background which validated what I was thinking.  I knew if I didn't make a change, I would never be happy with the quilt.

I took out my seam ripper at 5am yesterday, and removed every piece of muslin.

Then I replaced the muslin with a batik which has a very small, overall polka dot print.  I'm so much happier with the quilt now.  Yesterday was a full day of ripping and re-stitching.  It was exhausting but worth the effort.

We are headed back to the mountains today just in time for the Memorial weekend.  We will get a jump on traffic and arrive at our mountain haven before the masses arrive.  This is just the beginning of the summer visitors.  Our little town is transformed from a sleepy community to a bustling area of summer activity.  Our street will go from one car passing by per hour to at least five cars!  It's a huge change from the San Francisco Bay Area traffic.
We had a very busy five days back home in the city. We attended the awards ceremony for our granddaughter's track team.  Harleigh received her Varsity letter and scholar athlete certificate. 
We watched our grandsons play two Little League play off games. The result wasn't the way we wanted the season to end, but we were there to cheer for our little kids. My grandsons Jess, and Kade are not only cousins, but good friends.  If you look closely you can see Kade's black eye which he received during practice.  Such a cute picture and representation of the All American boy.

We had dinners every night with all of the kids and ate our way through the last five days.  We need to go back home and get back to our normal, boring schedule!

We enjoyed our family was the best!




  1. So many memories of another great day. I like the background change!
    Congratulations to Harleigh and I'm glad the boys had a full and fun season!!

  2. The blocks really pop now, glad you made the change. Suzanne

  3. Go Cowboy's! (LHS is my alma mater, although it looks as if the school has changed a bit. We didn't have a building like this in the '60's.) Congratulations to Harleigh.

  4. How exciting! I especially like the blocks done in the American Jane fabrics. Very different!

  5. You always amaze me with your beautiful quilts, and your students are really following in your footsteps. A lot of beauty in this post! I totally agree with the change you made. Well done!