Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Sierra Quilt Guild of Tuolumne Country

Hello Everyone,
I've had the privilege of spending the last two days with the Sierra Quilt Guild in Sonora.  They are a very friendly and prolific group of quilters.

Monday night, my sister Gail, my friend Kaaren, and I drove over to Sonora for my lecture and trunk show.  I saw so many people I knew it was like old home week.

After my trunk show, the guild had their own trunk show.  The guild members taught 4th graders how to hand piece.  Here are their works of art which are going to be raffled off to the community.
The guild donated fabrics, their talent, and their encouragement to the young quilters.

This group of quilters is extremely prolific!  This is just a small portion of their Show and Tell.

Yesterday, I taught my Patchwork Math class to sixteen guild members in this spacious classroom.

There were many beautiful creations in the room.  Did I get pictures of all of them.  NO!  I get so preoccupied with teaching, that I forget to capture the moments.

You were a great group and I'm looking forward to seeing some wonderful projects from this class.  Thank you all for the wonderful day.

My sister is here, and we are cutting kits for the cruise.  We are almost finished with the kits for the first leg of the cruise. I'll post pictures of our progress tomorrow.



  1. What a wonderful group of quilters and I'm so impressed with the hand piecing by the 4th graders! Hope you two are supplied with lots of cookies today for all that cutting!

  2. So good to hear of quilting being taught to the young ones. Sounds like you had a great class and were shown some beautiful work as well. Hugs to you and Gail!!