Thursday, August 16, 2018

Sew'n Wild Oaks Was In Session

Hello Everyone,
My Sew'n Wild Oaks girls have been busy over the past month.  They had so much for show and tell on Monday and Tuesday.
Lynnette is putting her Grammy Square blocks together.  She nailed it on her "Y" seams!

Karen has a completely finished her gorgeous Scrappy Leaves quilt.

Here's the back.

Pat has a Crabapple Hill flimsy finished.

Laurie's little wool owls are so cute.

Kathy is taking the last few stitches on the binding on her Christmas Morning Delight wall hanging.

Mary made this adorable bag.  The top folds down if you want to make it smaller.  Brilliant.

Laura is making a set of pretty Christmas place mats.

Nancie is there somewhere behind her hexie borders!

Vicky is making Spoken For blocks.  She's headed to Iceland for vacation, and wants to applique the Dresden's to the background while she's traveling.

Isabelle is machine quilting away on her quilt.

Jodie is perfecting her stars for a Kim Diehl pattern.

Laurie is pattern testing my Huckleberry Hill pattern.

Karen is very proud of her square in a square.

Here it is in the center of her Country Sampler block layout sheet.

Susan worked on her project from the quilt cruise.

Cindy is working on her October Magic pattern.

Karen just has to finish the binding on her Journey's End quilt.  This was a BOM at In Between Stitches.

I love her backing!

Lynnette put a check mark on another UFO.  What a good feeling.

Melody is making great headway on her Row-Mancing Alaska quilt from the cruise.

Barbara finished her little Amish wall hanging.

Paula has five blocks completed on her Country Sampler quilt.

Barbara is almost finished with her Row-Mancing Alaska.  She added a cruise ship with a red cross on it to one of her rows.  Barbara had a heart attach while she was on the cruise!  She is fine now, but things weren't so fine for a few days.  She was in good hands onboard the ship, and then in Canada.

An ambulance was there to meet her at the dock in Victoria.  She will do anything to be the first person off the ship!!  All kidding aside, we are so happy that she is doing well. She had us very worried for a few days.  This showed us all how quickly life can turn on a dime. Even with her heart attack, she's almost finished with her quilt.
 Kristy is making some beautiful Country Sunshine blocks!

Rose has a cute little owl made in wool.

 Karen is also making a Country Sunshine block.

I had to get into the action too, and work on my Courthouse Steps blocks and Huckleberry Hill.  I can't keep up with my girls at all!  They quilt rings around me.

I get to stay home for the next 17 days!!  SEVENTEEN days of no classes, no workshops, no lectures, no shows.  This is almost unheard off in my life.  I do have a long to-do list to get ready for my two Sew'n Wild Oaks retreats.  There are kits to cut, directions to be written, and projects to finish.  I will be busy, but it's a good busy.



  1. What a post, Lynn... Thank you for taking the time to put all of these together so we can all see what "the other half" is doing :D
    Enjoy those 17 well-earned days!!!

  2. Wow! Your girls truly were busy. Love all the projects ... very inspiring for the rest of us that just plod along. Lol! Enjoy your time at home!

  3. Your girls are so talented, all of their projects were amazing! I can't wait for Huckleberry Hill...I love baskets!

  4. I am in awe of all of these beautiful blocks and projects!