Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Machine Quilting Christmas Ribbons

Hello Everyone,

I loaded Christmas Ribbons on my long arm and let the machine quilting begin.  I'm going to be taking my time on this one as I slowly work my way down the quilt.

I felt as though I was in a machine quilting rut.  I wanted to learn more and try something new.  After watching several videos on YouTube, I decided to try curved cross-hatching in the setting triangles.  I purchased the entire set of rulers from Linda, at  The Quilted Pineapple.  I've had so much fun learning and quilting a technique new to me.  I'm extremely happy with the look the ruler achieved.  AND I'm extremely happy with the rulers!

I  accentuated the flange in the border by stitching a line 1/4" on each side, then added the feather.

This one is going to be slow going.  I'm not going to spend 8 hours a day machine quilting because I also want to work on Lovey Dovey.  I started stitching last night.

I'm fussy cutting the little 12 days of Christmas images which are going to be combined with other little 1-1/2" squares.  After I cut them, I pin them to a piece of cardboard from a fabric bolt.  This way I can keep everyone corralled and know what I have.

I'm also making 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" finished triple Churn Dash blocks.

All of the parts and pieces will eventually come together.....I hope.

When I get up in the morning, I'm anxious to begin my day with so many fun things to work on!  I have many things I HAVE to do, and many things I WANT to do.  Tomorrow, I'll post what I HAVE to do today.  Just a tease, it is exciting and a bit scary all at the same time.



  1. I LOVE the triple churn dash blocks, they are so precious!
    Enjoy, Sharon McD

    1. Those little guys are right up our alley Sharon. I hope you and all of your family members are well.

  2. Everything you do is so beautiful, I love your quilting and I don't blame you for taking your time, enjoy the process. Lovey Dovey looks gorgeous, can't wait to see it finished!

    1. Oh you are so sweet Bobbie! Thank you so much.

  3. The birdhouse brings back so many memories...
    excited to see your progress on this one! Now about that "tease"...inquiring minds want to know more!!

    1. The first Party In The Garden class was over a decade ago. We've come a long way kid!