Friday, January 8, 2021

QuiltMania Issue 141

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, I received an advance image of my Heritage quilt pattern which is going to be in the next edition of QuiltMania magazine, issue 141.  This quilt was made by the Independence Hall Quilt Guild in Arnold, guild.

There will be more pictures of the quilt in the magazine, a story about the guild, and the directions for the pattern.  This will be coming to a newsstand within the next couple of weeks.

The quilt was made with scraps from my stash by this group of women in the classroom at Independence Hall.

A lot of hands, and sewing machines made quick work of this beauty.

We met twice to work on the quilt, and some of the girls took blocks, and worked on them at home.  At our second meeting, the blocks were squared, and then sewn together.

Mazey helped me put on the borders.....not!

The quilt was quilted by Debbie Coleman.

Raffle tickets were sold for the quilt, and all of the proceeds went to the scholarship fund to aid seniors at the local high school to advance their education.

Look for this cover at your local quilt shop or bookstore.

I've been at my computer for hours each day working on the block of the month for Marcus Fabrics.  No sewing for me.  I'm only working with images of the fabrics from a new line designed by Judie Rothermel.  I can't wait to get the fabric, and turn the blocks that I've created in the computer and on paper, into finished blocks. I'm creating detailed monthly cutting charts for quilt shop owners, and writing the pattern at the same time. 

Mr. Joe dragged me away from the computer yesterday when he saw that I was getting a bit frustrated, and needed to MOVE.  A brisk walk with Mazey was just what I needed to clear my brain, and focus my vision out into the forest.  Sometimes I can't see the forest for the trees. I guess I need to get out the chain saw.




  1. What a gorgeous setting for a gorgeous quilt, Lynn! The Independence Hall ladies are quite a team and fabulous quilters! Mr. Joe was so right - a step away and a quick change of pace always gets my cobwebs moving! Keep that chainsaw handy!

  2. The story behind your quilt is just a inspiring as the quilt itself. I just read an email from Quiltmania and your blog has a (small but mighty) photo feature too!! Please stay away from the chain saw!!!!!!!

  3. a brisk walk is usually needed for frustration I find - the quilt looks so lovely congratulations on having it in that magazine it is such an honor as it is such a well respected magazine

  4. So fun to see you published again Lynn, and that the guild will get their 15 minutes of fame too. Congrats!

  5. Oh, I have to be sure and pick up this issue - not only for the great pattern, but the lovely story of how the quilt was made.

  6. That is an an extraordinarily beautiful quilt! I bought the pattern from you a couple years back, but I haven't yet tackled it. I've been looking for a "challenge quilt". A quilt with lots of pieces, but I have to use only my stash fabrics. I buy fabrics that I love and then don't cut into them because I love them and then they'll be they sit on my shelf and be beautiful! I need to start using them. Thanks so much for a wonderful pattern, Lynn.

  7. Lynn once again congratulation on your “Quiltmania” layout. This is a beautiful magazine and how special to be added to their issue. You and the ladies from the quilt guild did a fantastic job. Love the colors. It is gorgeous. The owner of the quilt will be thrilled . Congrats again and again.

  8. beautiful...anxious to see the entire article!

  9. J'ai reçu cette semaine mon magazine et donc cela m'a permis de voir tranquillement cette magnifique courtepointe.
    Tu sais que j'aime beaucoup les tissus que tu utilises et cette fois c'est encore le cas.
    Félicitations à toi et aux abeilles "cousettes" qui ont collaboré à la réalisation de cet ouvrage.

  10. Beautiful quilts, but what a strange way to place the pillows!