Sunday, February 14, 2021

Happy Valentine's Day's

Hello Everyone,

Here is a picture of my Valentine's gift from Mr. Joe.  It's a big, red, enamel pot to hold some table runners.

It looks perfect on the dining room table on top of "Cute as a Button".  

I would love to know what is was used for, and who used it.  Mr. Joe decided it would make a good helmet for me to wear during a wind storm.  Isn't he a peach?

I found this baby bed from the 1900's at the one and only antique store in town.   I filled it full with quilts that have been tucked away in the armoire.  Now we get to enjoy looking at them, and the baby bed. The rocking chair belonged to my father-in-law.  It's an oldie but goodie.

So, bringing two new items into the cabin prompted me to rearrange, dust, and vacuum the great room.  When a new item comes in, an old item does not go out.  We are pretty much packed to the rafters.  It's a dusting nightmare.

My "Crossing the Pond" quilt, crossed the pond safely and arrived in France on Friday.  I always hold my breath until the quilts arrive.  Now I know she will be in the May/June edition of QuiltMania since she arrived in time for her photoshoot.  Would you believe I mailed it on a Monday via FedEx, and it arrived at the QuiltMania office on Friday.  I can't mail a first class letter and have it arrive on the East Coast that fast using the US post office!  

I mail many patterns out on a daily basis from my Etsy shop.  At least one or two patterns go astray on a weekly basis. What should take a few days, end up being a couple of weeks.....or not delivered at all. It's a constant frustration for me, and for my Etsy shoppers.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  I have to get back to my rearranging the entire great room.  Picture Mr. Joe rolling his eyes at me, not in lust, but in doesn't she ever stop!



  1. I live in NJ and my mom lives in Michigan. Because of package tracking, we know all mail between us is routed through the USPS Detroit distribution center, where it goes and sits for 3+ weeks before moving on. It is very frustrating. I hear it is the same in Austin, TX.

    1. I feel your pain, Cathy. Our mail sits in the distribution center in Sacramento.....the black hole where mail goes to die!

  2. nice bowl....or perhaps chamberpot? eeeks...

    1. Several others have suggested that it's a chamberpot. If so, it's big enough for a boarding house!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! It is so much fun to move things around and put things on display.