Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Decorating at the Cabin

Hello Everyone,

Bringing a new piece of furniture into the cabin started a lot of cleaning and rearranging.  I was so tired after cleaning and moving furniture, I wanted to curl up in the new/old baby bed.

No sewing going on here as I await the arrival of a box from Marcus Fabrics to begin making the block of the month I designed for them.  The fabric is coming straight from Korea to my doorstep.  I've learned so much about the fabric making process, and have been included in the final decision making.  It's pretty exciting when my contacts at Marcus Fabrics asks for my opinion on color, and they incorporate my suggestions.

I'm trying to get everything done and off my plate, like taxes, so I can devote every minute to the new design.  I've also been straightening my sewing room so I have a nice tidy space in which to work.  Right now, my sewing room appears as though a bomb was set off in the middle of it.  My sewing room doubles as my office, so it's not just fabric and sewing supplies.  The room holds all of my patterns waiting to be shipped, my printers, and all of my office supplies  Right now it's a mess!

My Etsy shop is going gangbusters, and that is my first order of business every morning.  I'm enjoying the connections that I make with the quilters placing orders.  Many send sweet emails with their orders.
There is a wonderful community of quilters across the nation and the world, and I'm so happy and honored to be part of that circle of creativity.

I'm off to fill orders and continue the cleaning and sorting process.  A lot of the sorting is paperwork that needs to be shredded.  Mazey comes in occasionally to check on me.  I have to make sure her tail doesn't get near the shredder!   

My heart goes out to everyone who is covered in ice and snow across the country.  After our blizzard a few weeks ago, I feel their pain.  Living here in the mountains we are prepared for such weather events with the generator, a stack of firewood, and a freezer full of food.  Even with all of those comforts, living in the mountains can be challenging.  Hopefully we will be up to that challenge for several more years.



  1. I like your new addition, Lynn! Where did you find it?

    1. I found it at the little antique store in town. They have a nice selection right up my alley.

  2. Oh it will be like Christmas when that box arrives! Can't wait to see what you do with the new fabrics!

  3. Excitement is coming to a crescendo!