Monday, March 1, 2021

Never Too Many Quilts

Hello Everyone,

I thought that Spring was in the air until I looked at the forecast telling me more snow is on the horizon for next week. 

Spring means that it is time to clear the cobwebs out of the house.  Whenever it gets cold, the spiders decide to head indoors.  Yesterday I shooed them all out the door!  Some of them have bodies the size of a dime.....and then add on all of those legs.

I hung up The House on Edgewood Lane on the wall.  That quilt was my first design that started the Sew'n Wild Oaks company.  Little did I know what that design would lead to 13 years later.

Sallie's Quilt designed by Paula Barnes, is on the bed.  My Buttonwood design is above the bed.  Heartfire is at the base of the bed.

Right now, some of my favorite quilts are hanging in quilt shops.  I just move the quilts around the cabin that I have at home.

Some friends will be here for dinner tonight.  They are coming up from the city to look at homes in our area.  I'm anxious to hear how their day went with the realtor.  

Since the start of the pandemic, homes have been selling like hot cakes in our little mountain community.  People are working from home and fleeing the city in droves.  The demographics of our neighborhood/community have changed substantially.  We now hear children playing during the day.  Our community is so longer a retirement area, and is becoming younger and more vibrant.  The grocery store is no longer a sea of gray hair!





  1. LOL - my neighborhood (if you can call it that out here on our stretch of highway in the country) we have children across the street from us for the first time in 30 years - I use to leave the blinds open all day and night and now all of a sudden feel the need to slant the blinds somewhat in the evening so the people across the street can not see directly into our house - we are both set back a little from the highway - but if I can see cartoons on their extra large tv screen when I glance out of one of my living room windows I assume they can see into mine as well - it used to be that the middle age couple that was across the street that eventually became elderly always had their curtains shut tight and were rarely seen!

  2. Always a joy to see your quilts rehung and moved around, Lynn! Think of all those added children a way to keep you both young! Plus when they get older, you can hire them to rake pine needles. A win-win!

  3. The homebuying rush is in effect here in the mountains as well. Actually it seems that way all over the country. I have to deal with lady bugs rather than spiders in the winter but they haven't been bad this year. It's a joy to see all your quilts in use. I need to change out the one over our bed.

  4. As you already know Kenwood has turned into a home away from home for many people from the bay area. We don’t have as many with young children but there are a few. My little community has really changed a lot in the 50 years I’ve been here but I still love it. By the way, I got my second shot this morning and so far I am feeling just fine.

  5. I hope you can never have too many quilts because I just keep making them. LOL

  6. It looks just so inviting! Vaccines are getting a better roll out here (our first county allotment got shipped somewhere else) I am waiting on the J & J as allergic to the other two.

  7. Since we moved here the house next door is now on its third owners. Noisy dogs barking at anything and nothing! Neighbors!