Thursday, November 24, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Everyone,

This beauty is what has been occupying my days over the past couple of weeks.  My sewing room looks like a scrap bomb exploded in my area! I have to tidy it up soon.

I absolutely LOVE working with all of my Marcus Fabrics scraps as they all play so nicely together. I'm not really paying attention to which scrap goes's truly a scrappy quilt.  I'm just trying not to put the same 1" strip in the same block.  My seam ripper has made an appearance a couple of times while I've been working.

The quarter-square triangles have taken me longer to make than I anticipated.  To make them truly scrappy, I'm making them two at a time and chain-piecing a ton of them at the same time.

We are spending a very quiet Thanksgiving at the cabin.  Mr. Joe has come down with a horrible cold which is aggravating a pre-existing breathing issue.  Gee, I hope he will be able to smell the turkey roasting???  We will be feasting on Remington, the turkey our granddaughter raised for FFA.  It's nice to get him out of the freezer and onto the table. He was taking up a lot of room.

It's easy to lose sight of gratitude as many of us are facing challenges in our lives and in our world.  I'm choosing to focus on gratitude for all of the richness of friends and family in my life.  You, my dear readers, are a major part of friends and family. 

Gratitude will bring peace to our souls.




  1. Happy Thanksgiving Lynn and Joe! We are so very grateful to have you both as dear friends. Bob said he's heard turkey (especially ones called Remington), is the best cure for a bad cold. We hope Joe feels better soon❤️❤️

  2. Wishing you and yours the very best blessings! Hugs❤

  3. Well Lynn...You never cease to amaze and it's a "well look at that" moment to see those small 9-Patches pop up!
    Here's to quiet Thanksgiving Days, messages of gratitude like the one you just shared, and hoping that Mr. Joe gets over his cold before the leftovers are gone!
    Hugs to you both and belly rubs to Mazey!!

  4. That's going to be an amazing quilt
    Wonderful quote BTW thank you for sharing