Sunday, June 23, 2024

Missing in Action

 Hello Everyone,

The sewing machine has been humming along under the oaks and pines.  I'm putting the borders on this beauty this weekend.

This is a large quilt that required an accurate border measurement while it was on the floor.  I can get down on the floor without a's getting back up that poses a problem. I have to make sure there is something that I can cling to, to get upright again.  About 6 weeks ago I had to get a cortisone shot in my knee.  My knee was protesting the entire time I was crawling around on the floor.  My knee is much better than it was, and I know the swimming and water aerobics have strengthened it.

Lots and lots of exciting things are going on at the cabin.  A heavy box containing over 50 yards of my next fabric line arrived.  I can show you only a peek at one of the SKU's from Laurel Ridge.  This line is going to surprise you!  Over the next few weeks, I'll be working with the line and can show you little snippets. 

I also have another new line coming out after Laurel Ridge, and it's called Gentry's Mill.  There's never a dull moment under this roof!  

On another note, my granddaughter who just graduated from ASU with a degree in film is going to be filming me while I present my quilting tutorials.  We bought her the video camera she wanted for graduation to help jump start her career.  She has all kinds of wonderful ideas for my quilting tutorials.  We got to laughing so hard on the phone, she suggested she needs to make a 'blooper' video.  All of the filming will be done in different rooms and out on the deck at the cabin.  It would be just perfect if a bear just happened to wander by during the filming. Maybe I could put Mr. Joe in a bear costume...not.  I don't want him to get shot!

We try to go to as many of Jess's rodeos as we can.  We'd planned on going to the rodeo in Oakdale yesterday until the start was moved up to 7am due to the extreme temperature of 104 degrees.  We would have had to leave the cabin at 5:30am to get there.  His time was 3.15 seconds to bring the steer down which is a great time, but seven of the boys posted better times.  Just like the Olympics, a fraction of a second makes a huge difference.

He really wants his own horse, but that's not going to happen, so he has to be content riding his friend's horse.  His friend purchased a retired Mexican Dancing horse which I expect to break out into a Salsa Dance at any moment!

I'm going to be knee deep in borders today.  I'll make the backing tomorrow, then my project is ready to go to the machine quilters on Thursday.  Then on to the next fun project!



  1. Sew exciting🪡🧵♥️ Thanks for the update! Congratulations to your granddaughter 🎓

  2. so much fabric - that must have been exciting! neat that your granddaughter will work with you on videos that sounds like fun - getting up at 5:30 on the other hand doesn't!!

  3. Your fabric snippet has me intrigued - it looks gorgeous! Can't wait for the reveal.