Friday, April 3, 2009

Month #6 Miss Lily

Hello quilting friends,

One of my favorite things about working at In Between Stitches is meeting so many of you that are working on Blossoms of Friendship. It's a great deal of fun to connect a face to the names that I've been sticking on the envelopes that contain all of the fabric for the next block. There are quilters all over the United States working on this quilt and I've met more than half of you so far.

So, here we are on block number 6 already. This block won't take you too long since the pieces are large. (Don't I say that every month?) I love the daffodils in this block. I have a total of three, yes only three daffodils that made it through a Sierra Nevada winter. Snow is falling on them right now so I'll see if they can make it through the night.

Melissa and Leslie have been busy over the past month unpacking boxes of fabulous new fabric. I've been incorporating quite a few of the new fabric lines into the quilt. I didn't post any border flowers last month since I want to utilize some of the new fabrics that you will be receiving soon.

I'm working on my last two blocks. Melissa and I sat down with a sales representative from a fabric company last week and we ordered the fabric for the borders and sashing. We love it!! I can't wait until it arrives and I'll start putting my quilt together. I'll be posting images of the borders as soon as I get them done. Be patient now!

There's absolutely no excuse for me not to post more often. We bit the bullet and finally had Internet installed at the cabin. Wireless no less! I'm at the table in the dining room watching very large snowflakes fall covering the deck. If April showers bring May flowers.....what do April snowflakes bring?

As always,


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